Message from the President

Respecting your heritage,
Connecting your present,
Creating your future!

Dear Students,

Welcome to San Diego City College! As our college honors its 100 years of history in 2014, we respect that you come to City College with an important family heritage, a valuable collection of life experiences, and a great expectation for your future. Collectively, all of these things make you the person you are, joining similar students on campus and adding to the richness of City College.

City College is a place to make connections. As a student, you will connect with others as you learn new information, strengthen your skills, and expand your knowledge. City College’s faculty members are masters at helping students build personal and professional networks to open up new journeys of exploration. The life experiences and background that you bring to City College empowers your learning. As you hear new concepts in your classes, you will evaluate them against what you already believe to be true, accepting, rejecting, or modifying your current view of the way things work in the world. This is education.

All of this is about creating your future. The things that you learn at City College will change who you are, preparing you for employment, family, and life. The classes you are signing up for at City College are the first steps to this future. Enjoy the journey and take advantage of all City College has to offer! I look forward to seeing you on campus.

Anthony E. Beebe, Ed.D.
President, San Diego City College