College Council Charge and Decision-making Responsibilities

  • Provides college-wide input on shared governance issues through review and discussion
  • Serves as the main policy body that forwards recommendations on shared governance issues to the district and Board of Trustees not requiring primary reliance or mutual agreement between the Academic Senate and the Board of Trustees or its designee
  • Assists in disseminating and interpreting policies and procedures to the appropriate constituent groups
  • Requests, considers, and makes recommendations to the College President on proposals from major decision-making groups (Instructional Services Council, Student Services Council, Master Planning, Assessment and Resource Oversight Council, Institutional Technology Council, Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Associated Students Government, Administrative Cabinet, Public Art on Campus)
  • Oversees self-evaluation report and accreditation process
  • Coordinates the implementation of the Accreditation Team Report recommendations
  • Approves self-evaluation report and planning agenda items
  • Organizes and tracks the flow of information between and among college decision-making groups
  • Facilitates communication and appropriate involvement of all members of the college community
College Council Meeting Minutes/Agenda

2018-2019 Academic Year



2016-2017 Academic Year