Wayne Hulgin

Wayne Hulgin

Department of Fine Arts


Office: C-213
Office Phone: (619) 388-3693
Office Hours: M/M/W & T/R 1:30-2:25, 5:30-6:00, 9:05-9:35 pm


Freehand Drawing II -155B Composition in Painting 165A, B, C & D Life Drawing 210A, B & C

Professional Background

Professor of Fine Arts at San Diego City College since 1995


Artist's Statement My work employs the process of making marks to create layers, which evolve into shape and form. Moving into, away from, and all around the work creates an important physical connection. On a micro level, my hand is constantly moving, caught up in the rhythm of making marks, yet still allowing each previous mark to influence the intention of the next. Tension is created between the hand at work and the almost mechanized repetition in the mark making. At the same time, the work becomes a metaphor for the challenge an artist faces on the blank canvas and the risk-taking responsibility of making each mark. While the work is created without aides of any type, the end result is a cohesive form. My process is both a means and an end. I liken the process to a mantra which enables me to move beyond the boundaries of mind and thought. Using small simple marks intensifies the connection to realms beyond intellect. Through repetition, the mark making centers my mind between stillness and perception. I allow the quality of the marks to unfold and empower the form of the work, and ultimately reach a state of mind away from thought, emotion, and reality.