How To Purchase Kit & Books

This program is approved by
Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
2420 Del Paseo Road Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 94244-2260


Once you have attended an orientation, you will need to purchase a kit and books for your program.
Kits must be purchased prior to receiving an add code for your class.

  1. Visit the City Bookstore website
  2. Click "Buy" in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Click "OK" on the next page under the refund policy. KITS ARE NOT RETURNABLE OR REFUNDABLE.
  4. Kits are provided on a student by student basis and must be paid for in advance. Kits are not stocked at the City Bookstore.
  5. Under "Select a Campus Term" choose the term in which you will begin your program (i.e.: COSM 050, COSMETOLOGY, COSM 055 ESTHETICIAN select appropriate date) IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT CLASS SO THAT THE CORRECT KIT IS ORDERED FOR YOU.
  6. Click "Go". You do not need to enter any information in the Author or Title space.
  7. Choose "Cosmetology" as your department. Need to choose your class and CRN. You may obtain this information either at the orientation or from the online class schedule .
  8. Choose the items you wish to purchase and finish the sale by following the prompts.
  9. Please note that SHIPPING CHARGES WILL NOT BE CHARGED on Kits once the Bookstore processes the sale, as kits are not shipped to the students.
    1. Instead, the REQUIRED Freshman Cosmetology and Esthetician kits are delivered directly to your classroom during the first week of classes.
    2. Shipping will be charged for books as they will be shipped to your home address if you order online. Or you may pay for and pick up your books from the Bookstore on campus to avoid shipping charges on textbooks.
    3. You will pick up any OPTIONAL books or supplies at the MS building Bookstore location once we have notified you that they are available.
  10. Once the Bookstore has processed your sale, you will receive an email confirmation with a receipt. You will then take this receipt to Sudie Phillips (Department Chair) room V203E Office to receive your add code/codes.

If you believe that you will receive Financial Aid money (Pell Grant) to purchase your kits/books, you must first visit Greg Sanchez in the Financial Aid office (B–103) before coming to the Bookstore. He will confirm with the Bookstore if you are qualified to receive the grant.

Unfortunately, due to Pell restrictions, Pell grant funds may not be used through the Bookstore website. To compensate for this, please send an email to the Bookstore Supervisor, Dee Dee Porter ( informing her that you have met with Greg and are pursuing Pell money to pay for your kit. Please identify in the email which kit and for which class you are enrolling, (ie: Cosmetology Summer 20XX Day/Evening). Once the Bookstore receives the Pell notification, your kit will be ordered using the grant as the method of payment. You will receive a receipt by email that you will then take to-Sudie Phillips for your add code