Degree Requirements

of three of the four course sequences in History listed for the degree. Additional general education and graduation requirements for the associate degree are listed in the catalog. The associate degree requires a minimum of 60 units.

Associate OF Arts Degree: History

Courses Required for the Major:
Select three of the six-unit course sequences or 18 units
HIST 100 World History I and

HIST 101 World History II or
HIST 105 Introduction to Western Civilization I and

HIST 106 Introduction to Western Civilization II or
HIST 109 History of the United States I and

HIST 110 History of the United States II or

HIST 115A History of the Americas I and
HIST 115B History of the Americas II or 6
HIST 120 Introduction to Asian Civilization and
HIST 121 Asian Civilization in Modern Times or 6
HIST 109 History of the United States I and
HIST 123 U.S. History from the Asian Pacific
American Perspective 
 Total = 18

Recommended electives: History 290, 296.