The Russian language is the official language of the country of Russia. There are many reasons to learn Russian language. Russian is spoken as the first language by over 160 million people. Russian is also widely spoken in the former Warsaw Pact countries of Eastern and Central Europe, where many people learn Russian as a second language in schools. In addition, Russian is one of the official languages of the United Nations (along with English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic).

The interest in learning Russian language is only increasing. Federal agencies and many businesses that are realizing the potential of the Russian market will look to those applicants who are fluent in Russian. In January of 2006 President Bush announced a new hundred-million-dollar initiative to bolster U.S. national security by expanding foreign language education in this country. The languages he named as key strategic languages are Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Farsi, and Russian.

The Russian language is also a necessity for world communications systems (broadcasts, air and space communication, etc. Because of the superpower status of the Soviet Union in the past, the Russian language has had immense political importance in the 20th century. For this reason, the Russian language is still today, one of the official languages of the United Nations.

Learning Russian can be Fun and Exciting

For a person who desires to learn Russian, it can be a fun and exciting experience. Learning Russian as a second language is a plus for anyone because many jobs, today, request for applicants to be bilingual in order to be considered for employment. There are various diverse cultures who work together within companies today. Therefore, it is a definite advantage to have second language skills.

You don’t even need to cross the ocean to immerse yourself in Russian culture; you can find little Russian neighborhoods (or even pretty big ones!) in many American cities. Whether your colleagues, your neighbors, or your friends speak Russian, the best way to win their hearts is to speak their language to them.