Life Sciences

The Life Sciences Department houses the following programs: Biology, Biotechnology, and Sustainable Agriculture.


Biology is a natural science that focuses on physical and chemical processes of living organisms. This discipline explores how organisms acquire and use energy to maintain homeostasis, how they reproduce, and how they interact with each other and their environment. Scientific processes are emphasized as a means of answering these biological questions. Biologists rely heavily on a chemistry foundation since living organisms are chemical systems. Click here for more information on our Biology program.


Biotechnology is the fastest growing industry in California. The City College Biotechnology program prepares biological technicians to help develop drugs and other medical, manufacturing and agricultural products to improve human health and the quality of life. Biotechnology students work with live cells to produce growth hormones, human insulin, anti-cancer agents, vaccines and diagnostics for AIDS, cancer and hepatitis. They also bioengineer proteins used in foods and work with waste management, and water treatment and detoxification. Click here for more information on our Biotech program.

Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture program offers a hands-on approach to becoming a professional and/or academic in the fields of farming, gardening, and gardening for the culinary art. We offer an Associate's degree for those planning to continue education in agriculture at a university as well as three certificates of performance and achievement for those interested in developing a background in urban agriculture, working in the industry (urban gardening), or starting your own business (urban farming).
Click here for more information on our sustainable agriculture program