The Sustainability Certificate offers an interdisciplinary, theorical, philosophical and practical approach for students to enter into the academic and/or professional fields related to sustainability.Students gain skills to critically analyze current global affairs in order to offer alternative solutions to create sustainable societies.

The three main pillars of the Sustainability Program are environmental issues, economics, and social and ethical issues. The program explores issues related to these three pillars on an inter/intra personal, communal, and global level. An emphasis is placed upon:

  1. The interdisciplinary nature of addressing issues related to sustainability.
  2. Active participation and involvement in the field experience component of the required capstone course.
  3. Affective and analytical responses to concepts related to the three pillars.

Skills for Your Academic and Professional Career

Sustainability Coordinator Project coordinator/Manager
Environmental Planner Policy advocate
Community organizer Green Technology Consultant
Green Building Consultant Environmental Engineer
Sustainability Advocacy Director Environmental Economist
Green Restaurant Owner Natural Resource Manager
Restoration Ecologist Sustainable Development Specialist
Corporate Social Responsibility Officer Educator


Sustainability Certificate of Performance

Six courses are required for the certificate of performance:

Courses Required for the MajorUnits
Biology 101 – Issues in Environmental Biology4
Philosophy 100 - Logic and Critical Thinking 3
Sustainability 101 – Introduction to Sustainability3
Sustainability 102 – Environmental Ethics3
Sustainability 103 - Ecological Commerce3
Sustainability 250 – Field Experience: Sustainability1
Recommended Electives: Sociology 223.

*A Certificate of Performance is a departmental award that does not appear on the student’s transcript. All courses must be completed within the San Diego Community College District.