Students will receive college credit for all courses. Grades (including withdrawals after add/drop deadline) will become part of the student’s permanent college record. They will affect student’s future eligibility for college enrollment, student financial aid, priority registration, Board of Governors Fee Waiver, scholarships, athletic eligibility, and/or admission to competitive higher education schools. 

Concurrently enrolled high school students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) each semester in all college work to remain in good academic standing.

Concurrent high school students who receive a withdrawal “W”,  incomplete “I”, and/or no-pass “NP” in any college semester will be academically disqualified.

A special part-time student whose GPA falls below 2.0, or who does not complete 60% of all attempted units will not be permitted to re-enroll until they either graduate or will no longer be attending high school.