San Diego City College is an open downtown campus with highly diverse student population and an adult learning environment.

SDCCD policies are designed to ensure that our enrollees are mature enough to understand and handle significance, responsibilities, and ramifications of being a college student.

College curriculum, procedures, and course contents will not be changed to accommodate minors. If you have questions or concerns, speak to the instructor and/or to other college staff as needed.

Minor students enrolled in college courses must act on their own behalf independently and communicate directly with their instructors and college personnel. All students are expected to be responsible for their own conduct and safety, and must follow SDCCD Student Code of Conduct as well as other college policies.

Students are also responsible to know and adhere to deadlines to enroll, add, drop, and/or withdraw from a course. Such deadlines (which differ from one class to another), along with course descriptions, prerequisites and other information are posted on the SDCCD online class schedule under yellow button “Details” below the course reference number.

If you enroll in a class later and decide to drop or withdraw from the class, you must do so before the deadline through the Reg-E webpage. This may effect your ability to continue enrolling in courses.

Take responsibility for your college success. Practice good time management and study habits.

Carefully read the course syllabus and other materials the instructor gives you.

Plan to spend at least two hours of study time for each hour you spend in class. College courses are more academically demanding, and your grades will affect your future college career.

Attend all scheduled class meetings. You may be dropped for non-attendance.

Take advantage of campus support services and resources, such as Tutorial Learning Center and its free study skills workshops, Library/Learning Resource Center, and others.