SDCCD Administrative Procedure
Chapter 5- Student Services

AP 3000.2 Student Admission Status

(C) Special Part-time Students concurrently enrolled in a K-12 program may be admitted as special part-time students.

1) The following conditions must be met:
    a) The student has completed the 10th grade
    b) The student is qualified to take advanced scholastic or vocational work based 
         upon the required preparation, as certified by the principal or designee
    c) The course is degree applicable: and
    d) The course is not available at the school of attendance

2) Students may only register for courses that are listed on their approved Supplemental Application and Certificate of Special Part-time High School Diploma Student form.

3) Enrollment in Physical Education activity classes is not permitted

4) Students will earn college credit for all courses.

5) Students may only take two courses up to the maximum of 8 units per regular semester or session (excluding High School Honors)

6) Student must satisfy all prerequisites, eligibility requirements, policies and regulations as stated in the college catalog

7) Students that are home schooled must have their coursework reviewed by the public school to determine level of preparation for college level work.

A students not participating in partnership programs may take a maximum of one course per college semester. This maximum includes classes at San Diego City, Mesa, and Miramar Colleges and ECC, including classes taught on the high school campus or in partnership program.

SDCCD reserved the right to exclude or limit enrollment of special part-time students into restricted programs and/or other courses based on health, safety, instructional methodology, faculty constraints, or legal requirements.