Q. Which courses are considered “advanced scholastic or technical courses”?

A. Courses applicable toward an Associate Degree or transferable to university (100 level and above).

Q. Which college courses should I take?

A. Talk to your high school counselor to choose college classes most appropriate for you and for your education goals. You can search our online class schedule together. Have your high school counselor review your proposed college class schedule to make sure it won’t conflict with your high school schedule.

Q. Which courses are transferable?

A. Transferability requirements may vary, depending on the receiving university.

You can check the course’s transferability to CSU or UC schools at and/or under “Details” on the online class schedule. Students who plan to attend other universities should speak with a college academic counselor.

Q. My son/daughter is at school right now. Can I submit his/her enrollment paperwork?

A. No. Students, regardless of their age, must always submit their paperwork in person and communicate with us directly - even if you fully support your minor student and pay his/her enrollment fees.

Q. Can a concurrent high school student take a course online?

A. Yes. Just keep in mind that in online course you will have to meet the same rigorous standards. It requires a lot of self-discipline, time management, effective written communication, and a reliable Internet access. Please review our Online Student Tips for Success  to make sure an online class is the right option for you.


Q. I am a high school student living outside California. Can I enroll concurrently?

A. You will have to submit your Supplemental Application in person. We cannot accept it by fax, email, U.S. mail, or from another person. If enrolled, you will be charged out-of-state tuition rate.
Also, please see the list of states that do not permit their residents to enroll online in California colleges.

Q. I am an international F-1/F-2 visa high school student. May I enroll concurrently?

A. No.  F-1 and F-2 visa high school students are not eligible for concurrent college enrollment.

Q. Do concurrent high school students have to pay enrollment fees?

A. Yes. Concurrent high school students are responsible for applicable enrollment fees, and for obtaining required textbooks and course materials. Students determined to be CA residents or exempted nonresidents may apply for Financial Aid  through our Financial Aid Office (Room B-103, phone 619-388-3501).

Q. Can a concurrent high school student get a College ID Card?
A. Yes, after you get enrolled in at least one regular class. Then you need to visit Admissions Office Room L-111 with a valid photo ID. We will verify your enrollment and payment, and issue a College ID Card.

Q. May a concurrent high school student use campus tutoring and other student services?

A. Yes, please!  Be sure to take advantage of our campus student support resources as needed – such as Tutorial Learning Center with its free Academic Skills workshops, Math Center,  English Writing CenterLibrary/Learning Resource Center,  Disability Support Services and others as needed to get help with your coursework and develop foundation for your college success.