Prior to enrollment, it is the responsibility of the High School Principal or Vice Principal to ensure all prospective students meet the minimum requirements as described in our Student Admissions Status AP 3000.2, Board Policy Section 3000.2 ©(1)(2). These requirements are listed on the first page of the Supplemental Application & Certification of Special Part-Time High School Diploma Student. 

All returning  part-time high school students must meet the required academic standing outlined in AP 3000.3 College/High School Student Academic Standing. In accordance with Title 5, sections 55031-55034, students are expected to maintain a level of academic performance or be subject to probation and/or dismissal. Please review this PowerPoint presentation about the enrollment steps and paperwork.

While assisting your high school students with online admission application process, please ensure that:

1.  Students complete and submit their own online admission application by themselves (NOT through high school personnel), since every application includes a disclaimer of a true and correct information under penalty of perjury.

To schedule assistance with admission application for a group of your students, please contact City College Outreach Program (phone 619-388-3496, email tfrankli@sdccd.edu ) to schedule a visit by City Ambassadors. Outreach Team can also arrange City College campus tours for you and for your students.

2.   Accurate information is reported on both admission applications and supplemental application forms, including but not limited to:

·    Student’s Social Security number. SDCCD is required to collect students’ Social Security Numbers (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN) for Federal and State reporting. The IRS also requires colleges to report valid student information for the 1098-T Tax form (tuition statement) each calendar year. A fine is imposed for incorrect or missing information. Failure to enter valid SSN/ITIN creates future problems for the students upon graduation (ranging from financial aid delays and holds on enrollment/academic transcripts to potential IRS fines) and preventable workload increase for SDCCD staff processing corrections and merging duplicate records. Please do NOT use students’ high school ID or any other numbers instead of SSN or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).  

If a student does not have a valid SSN or ITIN, or already filed an application not using SSN/ITIN, please email: lkapchin@sdccd.edu or
call 619-388-3472 for further assistance.

Student citizenship/immigration status. We must ascertain students’ eligibility to enroll and advise them on their options based on their status, as well as prevent future problems for incorrectly reported students. This information is kept confidential, and will NOT be reported to any third parties. Please reassure your students, as some may be understandably reluctant to discuss this issue.

CA residency stay dates
. While concurrent SDCCD high school students are exempted from non-resident enrollment fees, we need their accurate CA residency information for proper accounting procedures and for timely advising to students on this issue before they graduate from high school. 
Student’s expected high school graduation date and the last high school attended.
If your school is not listed on the application drop-down list of options, a student may select a listed high school closest to their home.

Any other information required by SDCCD admission application and/or by Supplemental Application & Certification form.

When facilitating enrollment for a group of students into a partnership course:

Make sure all the Supplemental Applications are fully completed, signed and certified by the high school.

For details, please refer to this check-off list and a sample of completed Supplemental Application to ensure accuracy and completeness of the paperwork. 

Once you have collected Supplemental Applications, please email Trevor Walker twalker001@sdccd.edu or call 619-388-3979 to schedule a visit with the SDCC high school liaison to review the paperwork and student’s eligibility for enrollment.  Please plan to spend at least 30 minutes at our office to go over the paperwork together.

Please submit the Supplemental Application at least five business days before the start date of the class.

Make sure that the students’ high school semester schedules are finalized before the add/drop deadline for the college course. Withdrawal after the deadline, for any reason, will permanently affect student’s college academic record and disqualify him/her from subsequent enrollment.