International Students

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San Diego City College is certified to accept nonimmigrant F-1 visa students. Acceptance into a program at the college is necessary before Immigration and Naturalization Service Form I-20 (certificate of eligibility) is issued by the college Admissions Office. The decision to grant an acceptance will be based on all evidence received prior to the deadlines. Students may contact the International Student Admissions Office at 619-388-3476.

International Students: Important information

New Students for Fall 2014
Effective April 1, 2014, all prospective students interested in attending San Diego City College should apply directly to San Diego Mesa College.

Students who wish to pursue an academic program at City College will be able to enroll concurrently at both City & Mesa College, with the option to transfer to City for Spring 2015.

Current Students
F-1 students currently attending City College will continue to be served by the international student team at City.

Francisco Blas
(619) 388-3476

Edwin Hiel
(619) 388-3036

Immigration Specialist
Marion Froehlich
(619) 388-3652

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