Admission Information


Admission to the program includes the use of a multi-criteria screening tool including, but not limited to, pre-requisite course GPA, a “fixed set” GPA (see attached Equivalency Grid), TEAS score, degrees, work experience, life experiences and second language proficiency. (See attached grid) for the multi-criteria and NEWpoint values for admission screening purposes.  As of August 12, 2013, the point values for the Multi-criteria Nursing Admission Screening have changed.  Please review the attached grid for minor changes. 


Applications will be accepted from 9/1/2016 to 12/1/2016
ONLY PLEASE NOTE: Only official TEAS V results, sent by ATI, will be accepted. MUST submit ALL TEAS results

Students will not be able to take the TEAS 5.0 after August 31, 2016. ATI will exchange TEAS 5 tests for ATI TEAS. Students who took the TEAS 5.0 prior to August 31, 2016, and have been awaiting admission or application, e.g. on a wait list, shall be held harmless from re-taking the ATI TEAS test.

Qualified students that have previously taken a TEAS assessment test at an outside location, shall have the responsibility to contact the test vendor and instruct the vendor to send his/her test results directly to the Nursing Program Director. Colleges should not accept unofficial copies of test results from students or other colleges.

1. Completion of Immunizations (see attached Immunization form).  Please print form and take form with you to be completed by physician.

2. Completion of the TEAS V with a score of 62% or more (only the TEAS V will be accepted).
     The TEAS test can be taken at any school that offers it.  If you would like to take the test at San Diego City College,
     you will need to contact the Nursing Dept. at 619-388-3441.
     PLEASE NOTE:  Only official TEAS V results, sent by ATI, will be accepted.  MUSTsubmitALLTEAS results

3. Completion of the following PREREQUISITES with a minimum grade of “C” or better and a combined grade point average of 2.5 or higher is required.

a. # Biology 230, Human Anatomy: with lab 4 semester units or equivalent.

b. * Biology 235, Human Physiology: with lab 4 semester units or equivalent.

c. * Biology 205, Microbiology: with lab 5 semester units or equivalent.

*Must be completed within a seven-year period preceding qualifying date of eligibility.
# Must be completed within a ten-year period preceding qualifying date of eligibility.
Only one (1) repeat of one (1) science prerequisite course is allowed.
While we do not recommend taking ALL science prerequisites, particularly Anatomy, online with online labs, the PREREQUISITE COURSE EQUIVALENCYPOLICY follows: 
San Diego City College Nursing Education Program will accept as equivalent any prerequisite course (including online science courses and labs) taken at a regionally accredited college or university (ACCJC) with equivalent units and content.  When there is a question about equivalent content, the San Diego City College department associated with the course (eg: Biology for Science prerequisites) will make the final decision.   

Qualifying date of eligibility refers to the date of filing completed application materials, including official transcripts, with the Nursing Admission's Office. IF you take the 3 prerequisite biology classes at SDCCD, you will be required to complete Biology 107 and Chemistry 100 and 100L as prerequisites to BIOL 205, 230 and 235.

All students, having met the basic entrance requirements are eligible for admission. The Nursing program accepts a class of 50-60 first year students each fall semester for the ADN program and 8-12 students for the LVN-RN/ LVN 30 unit option program.

If accepted to the nursing program, students will be encouraged to enroll in and pass the Nursing Student Success course, NE 092.
If accepted to the nursing program, students will be required to complete immunizations prior to start date.

You can contact the Nursing Department Office by emailing Susan Chandler


last updated: 05/27/2016