Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training (OJT) under the supervision of a journey- level craft person or trade professional and related academic instruction, also called related and supplemental instruction. In California, apprenticeship programs are registered with the Department of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) which works with employers/sponsors to determine the skills and knowledge needed to learn a particular trade or craft. Apprenticeship programs are always paid, with regular salary increases occurring as skills increase. Apprenticeship programs range from two to five years in length.

Each sponsor requires testing to enter their particular program and determines eligibility for their program. Applicants must apply directly to the sponsor of the program they are interested in being employed. Applicants must be accepted by the chosen sponsor to become an apprentice and or employed. San Diego City College is the LEA (Local Education Agency) for the following apprenticeship programs, providing the related academic instruction.

Civil Service | (619) 236-6400
Custom Cutting Tools | (858) 578-1640
Operating Engineers | (213) 385-2889
San Diego Transit Bus Mechanic | (619) 557-4598
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System | (619) 231-1466
Solar Turbines |
Workshop for Warriors | (619) 578-1640

Non-College Credit Apprenticeship Sponsors

Associated General Contractors Black | (858) 558-0739
Contractors Association | (619) 263-9709

Appointments can be made to take the San Diego City College Placement test by calling the counseling office at (619) 388-3023.

Please call the Apprenticeship Office at (619) 388-3154 for any further questions.

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