Bilingual Studies

Program Description

The Bilingual Studies program provides an interdisciplinary approach to the interaction of the Chicano with other cultures in a bilingual, multicultural setting. It helps to prepare students for transfer to a four-year university major in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Elementary Education. Bilingual Studies enhances understanding of one of the country's fastest growing population groups.

Program Emphasis

Bilingual Studies courses are taught in English and the curriculum is designed to meet District and baccalaureate general education and multicultural course requirements. The program offers courses in bilingual studies, Chicano culture, history of Mexico and the United States, language and literature, speech, music and physical education.


Students completing the associate degree in Bilingual Studies will be able to work as teachers' aides in bilingual elementary classrooms. Students who complete the additional lower division transfer requirements for San Diego State University will be able to transfer with junior standing in the Liberal Studies major with emphasis in Elementary Education. This major prepares students to become elementary school teachers both in traditional and bilingual, bicultural classrooms.