ASG Officers

Daron Woods, President and Student Trustee
daron woods

As ASG President, I advocate for City College students on the local, state, and national levels. As college students we are all pursuing an education to try to better ourselves, and I hope to use my platform to help students achieve their goals. We all know that many students at the Community College level never finish their studies, often due to financial issues or external social pressures. This is particularly true for students of color, students with disabilities, first-generation students, and LGBTQI students. As a student of color I can personally attest to this. As ASG President, I continually advocate to further develop our campus as a place where diversity is treasured, and seen not as a hindrance but as empowering. City College students all have to face one obstacle or another, and it is my job as President to make sure we have the best shot at getting our education. In addition to advocacy, we also plan many fun, engaging, and relevant events in which our students can participate. Always feel free to stop by the ASG office to let your voice be heard.

Suma Massaley, Vice President
suma massaley

I am the Vice President of the Associated Student Government (ASG) at San Diego City College 2016-17. I joined the ASG three years ago in pursuit to become an active part of City College’s population. Having served three consecutive positions within the ASG, I have had the opportunity to represent students’ voice at campus, district and national levels. As an international student from Liberia and a political science major, the ASG has served as a transition into another culture both professionally and personally. I have been privileged to be a part of a student body that takes pride in equality, equity and advocacy for our diverse campus. ASG remains an integral part of my academic journey as I intend to serve in the public education sector in the future.

Janessa Forney, Secretary
janessa forney

I believe that having the chance to help others is what makes humanity great. Everyone needs help sometimes and anyone can lend a helping hand. In ASG, I've had the opportunity to represent and advocate for the entire student body's interests and concerns as a Senator as well as Executive Secretary. My major is Political Science and someday I hope to be a U.S. Senator. I want to invoke serious change at City College and advocate for my constituent’s concerns and interests in an accurate and honest way. I spent last semester advocating for policies to better the lives of students on campus. I had the opportunity to travel to Sacramento to vote on policies and procedures in the Student Senate for California Community Colleges. As a Senator, I surveyed students about their desired changes and helped bring new events to City. I’ve been part of various committees including the AS Scholarship Committee, the ASG Newsletter Committee, and I chair the Senate Event Planning Committee. While being part of the AS Scholarship Committee, I advocated for scholarships pertaining to homeless and non-citizen students. I'm proud to say that both scholarships successfully passed and were available before the Spring deadline. Being part of the Executive Board is a considerable time commitment and a responsibility that I take seriously. I understand the responsibilities and I’m dedicated to helping make our school better for everyone.

Mariana Longoria, Treasurer
mariana longoria

I believe it is a benefit to be involved with ASG because I am able to stay informed with events, meetings, and information that is provided from the student government to the student body. I apply what I learn from my position to my major, which is International Business. I believe to be uniquely qualified for Treasure because I possess the experience and knowledge that is needed to be successful. I understood this position would be challenging, and appreciate the opportunity to enhance my skills and knowledge so I can be able to apply them outside of my surroundings. I strive to excel in this position and provide positive results to the community, student government, and student body. I enjoy to all that I have learned from this experience and believe I make a difference in the ASG.

Ignacio Hernandez, Senate President
ignacio hernandez

Having the opportunity to represent students in a campus, district, state, and nation has been one of the best opportunities I've had especially at San Diego City College. Being that SDCC is a multi-diverse campus with students from all backgrounds, different countries, and perspectives makes the job even better. I am the Senate President of the SDCC's Associated Students Government of 2016-2017. The position takes over many of my hours during the week but I happily represent my constituents. A college with more than 15,000 students allows me to advocate for student equity. With the position I also lead a Senate board of 9 senate positions that have been proudly committed in serving their students. 

Javier Valle, President, Inter-Club Council
javier valle

I joined the ASG as the Inter-Club Council President because I love to help students to achieve their true potential in managing organizations that fulfill a void on the college campus. Helping students to create organizations that will improve their community and way of living motivates me every day to continue to be the student leader that I am.

Marian Diaz, Public Relations Officer
marian diaz

I am the Public Relations Officer for San Diego City College ASG. I am part of ASG because I love City College and I have always wanted to be part of the Associated Student Government. This is my first year at City College and I couldn't be more grateful of being able to be part of ASG. My job is to let San Diego City College students know about the activities that are going around campus. I love being part of this family and I also enjoy being the students’ voices.

Ivonne M Arriaga, Public Events Coordinator
ivonne arriaga

As the SDCCC Public Events Coordinator, I plan and make events run smoothly with the help of my ASG colleagues. I plan, assist, and communicate with students and outsides sources to fulfill students’ needs.

Veronica Gaeta, Health, Safety and Environmental Officer
veronica gaeta

I am very passionate and dedicated to learning. As a student Aide in the Cosmetology department it is a pleasure for me to assist fellow students in furthering their education. As a resident of downtown and a member of the City College community I advocate strongly for The Downtown Clean and Safe Partnership. This Non-Profit Organization helps improve the downtown neighborhoods and the streets surrounding our school. It is an honor to represent and advocate for my fellow knowledge seekers. I do my best in using resources available to me to be able to promote these topics in a positive way and give the student body an easy access to voice their ideas and opinions in these regards.

Aaron Hanna, Government Affairs Officer
aaron hanna

I'm the delegate for San Diego City and it's my second year-ish at San Diego City College. I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering and participate with SACNAS and the math club. Before college I was a Corpsman in the U.S. Navy. My hobbies include guitar, ice hockey and OCR's with bae.

Benjamin Alderete, Scholarship Officer
benjamin alderete

I am an aspiring cinematographer. I became a member of the Associated Student Government (ASG) in Spring of 2016, and have continued to allow this unique experience be a foundation in my personal growth. I remember joining the ASG, because I saw it as an opportunity to break out of the comfortable and familiar barriers I had always kept myself in. I was also searching for something that I could belong to, in a bigger picture. Through my time in this organization, I have learned the importance of teamwork, responsibility, and advocating for students as a whole. The friendships I have formed, I am so grateful to have. Having an open mind, and understanding the diversity of each culture and individual, has surely impacted my perspective of life, for the better.

Michael Picard, Senate Vice President

I joined ASG because I wanted to be a voice for our students and to be a member of our campus community. Since joining ASG in 2016 it has been one of the best decisions I've made since being a student here at San Diego City College. 

Sophia Garcia, Senator
sofia garcia

I am a first year student attending San Diego City College and have recently become more aware of the concerns surrounding my community and college and have decided to become actively involved in bringing about change. I am currently a senator for the Associated Students Government where I have the opportunity to serve the needs of students in order to improve the quality of the campus experience. My role as senator for the students of City College is to advocate on their behalf in order to bring about improvements that will create a positive change. I am passionate about my role as a representative of ASG because I know that I have a lot to contribute to help and serve the underrepresented and marginalized students on campus. It is a responsibility to contribute to the advancement of every student on this campus, something that I am able to exercise here in ASG.

Brenda Marquez, Senator
brenda marquez

As senator, I’ve learned about building relationships with students and staff members. I advocate for students to have their voices heard politically and socially. I’m able to represent the student body by attending meetings such as the scholarship committee where we have given students money for on behalf of ASG. As a DACA student, there's certain regulations I don't qualify for such as: voting, healthcare and many other social services and I've learned to emphasize this to students who do qualify. Also, I've joined the immigration committee run by staff at city college, because there's a need for those services in our campus specially now in the political climate. I want to make sure my voice because I'm a woman and student of color who's voice needs to be heard and I want all students in SDCC to feel empowered as well. Overall, I'm proud to be senator and represent the student body.

Susana Molina Bibian, Senator
susana bibian

The reason I joined ASG is because I want to make a change in my campus. As a senator my main goal is to find ways to help our students. I have conducted along with my colleagues surveys that will make changes for our students and campus.

Ariel Navarro-Nunez, Senator
ariel navarro-nunez

I was a student at City from 2013-2015. I left for a year and a half but I’m back now to serve the student body. I’m all about community, support and giving back. I see the whole student body as my Familia and I’m always happy to speak with any of you so please come up to me if you see me and have any questions about the campus, college, transferring, ASG and/or all of the above. I feel grateful for being a part of the ASG once again this Spring 2017 semester and I’m looking forward to being here another year or so. My educational goal is to transfer to a four year university, study Political Economy and get a law degree to become an immigration lawyer. I’m a huge advocate for social justice, human rights and immigrant rights. As a member of the ASG I will do the best I can to speak up for those whose voices aren’t heard or paid attention to. I want to empower as many students as I can to believe in their ability to succeed and finish their education. As a student of color who grew up by the border in a working class community, my work will mostly focus on PoC (people of color) but I will gladly represent and help everyone and anyone. I love City for its diversity, age-wise and culturally, and our level of maturity as a community.

Jason Nitti, Senator
jason nitti

I am a student Senator for ASG at San Diego City College. My major is public policy, and the reason I joined student government is because I wanted to make a difference with regards to promoting recycling, and helping students have the resources they need to graduate.

Valeria Ibanez, Public Relations Administrator
valeria ibanez

As a first generation college student I felt the need to get involved in clubs or organizations in which I could feel more attached to the community on campus. I heard about ASG from a few friends they explained the purpose of the student body here on campus and I decided I wanted to be part of something big. Now that I am member I have the absolute honor of representing my fellow colleagues and college students.

Mario Raman II, Inter-Club Council Representative
mario raman

I enjoy getting people together for a common cause. I enjoy the interaction. Clubs is a cool way to make new friends but, being an Officer of ICC gives you so much more of a voice to better assist clubs and their leaders. This is why I feel being part of something greater than yourself is so awarding and why I should be the next candidate.