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    Knights Beat Mesa in Beach Volleyball; Reach Finals


    Even though the regular season doesn't start until late August, the Knights have gotten together for some beach volleyball. They recently defeated PCAC-rival San Diego Mesa, 3-2, in the quarterfinals of the off-season tournament. 

    Each match consists of five 2-on-2 best-of-three matches. The Knights No. 1 team, Tessa Butterfield and Elemy Yeme, defeated Mesa's No. 1 team, 2-0 (21-16, 23-21). Team 4 (Imani Griffin and Heather Lee) won, 3-0 (21-19, 7-21, 15-8), and Team 5 (Makena Gleed and Baylee Delgado) won, 2-0 (21-15, 21-14).

    Team 2 (Jasmine Wong & Jaclyn Kreymborg) and Team 3 (Sasheen Turner and Jessica Dominguez) both lost in three sets.

    The Knights will advance to play in the finals, which is a 4-team tournament, to be held at Irvine Valley College on Friday, April 19. The other teams that qualified for the finals are Irvine Valley, Golden West, and Fullerton.

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