Knights Beach Volleyball

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    The 2013 season was a "pilot/introductuctory" season for beach volleyball among San Diego Community Colleges. San Diego City College student-athletes embraced the opportunity and ran with it! They not only practiced with their coach, Dede Bodnar, three times a week, but also went to the beach on their own time to improve their game. SDCC defeated every team in its conference at the San Diego Community College Beach Finals, then advanced to the California Community College Beach Volleyball "Club" Championships at Irvine Valley College where the Knights finished in fourth place. It was a productive and successful season for our student-athletes and they are looking forward to improving their skills for next year's matches.

    Team 1

    Tessa Butterfield (5'7" Outside Hitter) and Elemy Yeme (5'3" Libero) had it all! Great offense, great defense, great ball control, great team dynamics and incredible court awareness. This team has the ability to stay in a game because they communicate well and trust each other when the going gets tough. They complimented each other very well.

    Team 2

    Jaclyn Kreymborg (5'6" Libero/Setter) and Jasmine Wong (5'7" Outside Hitter/Libero) made up Team No. 2 for the Knights. They are a great serving team with phenomenal defense. This team could out-defend any team they played. They were scrappy and had a great ability to find the open court on their opponents' side.

    Team Quote: "Even the smallest players can be the BIGGEST on the beach."

    team 3

    Jessica Dominguez (5'10"  Opposite/Middle Hitter) and Sasheen Turner (5'8" Outside Hitter) were the best serving team for SDCC. They served tough and always put their opponents in a defensive state of mind. They ended the beach volleyball season believing in each other's ability and trusting each other to help score points.

    team 4

    Heather Lee (5'10" Middle Hitter) and Imani Griffin (6'1" Middle Hitter) had incredible improvement with ball control. This team could terminate driven balls with a good set. By the end of the season, they could better all sets. Their passing improved tremendously and they finished the season as middles who could play front row as well as back row. 

    Team Quote: "OT & BB; over on two and back to the basics!"

    team 5

    Makena Gleed (6'1" Middle Hitter) and Baylee Delgado (5'5" Setter) improved incredibly as individuals and as a team. They had a good team dynamic and improved tremendously in their passing, serving, defensive transition, and their hitting choices. Their improvements complimented each other well during game action.