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2011 Grass Volleyball Fundraiser!!!

Thanks to everyone who made our 2010 Grass Tournament Fundraiser successful. San Diego City College Women's Volleyball Team really appreciates your support.  In 2011, we will be having Grass Tournament Fundraisers on May 14 & 15,  June 25 & 26 and July 23 & 24. Women's and Men's doubles are on Saturday and Reverse Coed on Sundays. We'd love to see you!!!!

Thanks again for all you do to make San Diego City College a great place to play a great game! See ya soon.

2013 san diego city college volleyball camp

The Camp ($99) will be held on July 22-25 and August 5-8, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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If you are a player who wants to improve your game and become the best you can be, well this is where it will happen! Players will learn how to become more proficient passers, setters, hitters and blockers. They will also have a ton of fun! This is truly the camp that makes it all happen. For more information, call Coach Dede Bodnar at 619.388.3544