2007 Book Fair Archive


Welcome to the Second Annual San Diego City College International Book Fair (2007)

The San Diego City College International Book Fair is the outgrowth of over ten years of work by the City College Creative Writing faculty, their students, and friends in the community at large who put out the journal City Works and recently formed San Diego City Works Press. After several years of attending packed readings for the journal and press, City College President Terry Burgess suggested we think big and start an International Book Fair that we hope will grow to rival the book fairs in Los Angeles and Miami. After a successful first year, we are committed to continue promoting local writers, artists, musicians, and booksellers as well as reaching out to prominent national and international authors and artists, particularly our friends and neighbors in Mexico.

City College is uniquely situated in the center of San Diego, and we hope to serve as a cultural nexus that brings together the various communities of the city and provides a vital site for cultural exchange and growth. Our primary goal is the promotion of literacy and cultural reciprocity. As we grow in the years to come, we hope that you will continue to mark your calendar year each year and come to our fair. The San Diego City College International Book Fair would not be possible without the generous support of our major sponsors, California Coast Credit Union and San Diego City College Foundation. We are deeply indebted to the San Diego Booksellers Association, Sunbelt Publications, San Diego CityBeat, Harcourt, The San Diego Union-Tribune, and KSDS FM Jazz 88.3. The Book Fair is put on in concert with the San Diego City College World Cultures Program.

Book Fair Events

Saville Theatre on the City College Campus
9:35-11:00amAlex Espinosa

Room D121 on the City College Campus
11:15-12:35pmSara Bongiorini

Room D121 on the City College Campus
11:15-12:35pmSteven Hiatt

Saville Theatre on the City College Campus
7:00-9:00amQuincy Troupe
Mel Freilicher
Adrian Arancibia
Music by Zoe Keating

Saville Theatre on the City College Campus
10:00amFair Opens
11:00-12:00Oakley Hall
12:00-1:00Daniel Reveles
1:00-2:00David Bacon
2:00-3:00Rebecca Solnit
3:00-4:30Denise Chavez
Amiri Baraka & The Gilbert Castellanos Quartet with special guest Charles McPherson

Art by Kim Stringfellow will be on display in the lobby of the theatre throughout the event.

About the Authors

Amiri Baraka

A poet, writer, political activist and teacher, Amiri Baraka is one of the nation’s most influential and prolific African American artists. A vanguard in the Black arts movement, he has published numerous volumes of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama, and anthologies. Over the last five decades, he has also edited several important literary magazines and journals. His most recent books include Eulogies, a collection of eulogies he has given over the past 20 years, Why’s/Wise, an anthology of poetry, and Jesse Jackson and Black People, a book of essays about Jackson and the African American people’s struggle for democracy and self-determination. His classic study of African American self-determination, The Black Nation, was also recently reprinted.

Denise Chavez

A true child of La Frontera, Denise Chavez is the author of the novels Loving Pedro Infante and Face of an Angel, and a short story collection, The Last of the Menu Girls, and, most recently, A Taco Testimony: Meditations on Family, Food, and Culture, a memoir in food. She has also published a children’s book, La mujer que sabia el idioma de los animales/The Woman Who Knew the Language of the Animals. The author of many plays, she considers herself a performance writer. Chavez’s latest book was published in July 2006 by Rio Nuevo Publishers.

Rebecca Solnit

Rebecca Solnit is the author of eleven books, including Storming the Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics, forthcoming this spring from U.C. Press, 2004’s Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities, and 2003’s River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West, which won a Guggenheim in its research phase and several awards, including the National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism, after publication.

Quincy Troupe

The first official Poet Laureate of the State of California, Quincy Troupe, is the author of 17 books. His distinctions include a 2005 Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award, two American Book Awards (for poetry and non-fiction), the Milt Kessler Award for Poetry, a Peabody Award for co-producing and writing the Miles Davis Radio Project, and his segment on Bill Moyers’ Power of the Word, “The Living Language,” won a television Emmy Award. For over 20 years, he taught the craft of writing at Columbia University’s Graduate Program and at the University of California, San Diego, where he is professor emeritus. Currently, he is editor of Black Renaissance Noire, a journal of literature, the arts, and political thought, published at New York University.

Oakley Hall

Oakley Hall was born and raised in San Diego and Hawaii, attended San Diego State College, and took his BA from the University of California at Berkeley in 1943. He served as a Marine lieutenant in WWII. He received an MFA from the University of Iowa in 1950. He was Director of the Programs in Writing at the University of California at Irvine for 20 years, and was a founder of the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley, a summer writers’ conference currently in its 38th year. He has published 16 novels including Corpus of Joe Bailey, Warlock, and this year’s Love and War in California, and 11 mystery novels, including the Ambrose Bierce quintet. Two of his novels, Warlock and The Downhill Racers, were made into successful films.

Mel Freilicher

Mel Freilicher is a longtime San Diego resident who was publisher and co-editor of CRAWL OUT YOUR WINDOW for 15 years, a magazine of regional literature and arts; he was an activist, including working with downtown artists’ groups; did a stint as a performance artist; and was the first Vice-President of the Board of Sushi. Freilicher has been anthologized in Sun and Moon Press’s Contemporary American Fiction and has chapbooks out from Standing Stories Press and Obscure Publications.

Adrián Arancibia

Adrián Arancibia is a poet, writer, and educator. He, along with Adolfo Guzmán-Lopez and Miguel-Angel Soria, founded the seminal Chicano spoken-word collective the Taco Shop Poets in 1994. Adrián Arancibia was born in Iquique, Chile in 1971. Since 1980, he has resided in San Diego, California. Arancibia is the co-editor of the Taco Shop Poets Anthology: Chorizo Tonguefire and currently writes for The San Diego Union-Tribune and for national magazines like The Green Magazine.

David Bacon

David Bacon is a writer and photojournalist based in Oakland and Berkeley, California. He is an associate editor at Pacific News Service, and writes for TruthOut, The Nation, The American Prospect, The Progressive, LA Weekly, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications. He has been a reporter and documentary photographer for 18 years, shooting for many national publications. He has exhibited his work nationally, and in Mexico, the UK, and Germany. Bacon covers issues of labor, immigration, and international politics. He travels frequently to Mexico, the Philippines, Europe, and Iraq. He hosts a half-hour weekly radio show on labor, immigration, and the global economy on KPFA-FM, and is a frequent guest on KQED-TV’s This Week in Northern California.

Daniel Reveles

Mexican author Daniel Reveles’s award-winning books Tequila, Lemon, and Salt, Enchiladas, Rice and Beans, and Salsa and Chips, appear on required reading lists at colleges and universities across the country. He enjoys a diversified audience of both non-Latino and Latino readers, because he takes the former to where they’ve never been, and the latter to where they have been. A popular storyteller, he frequently travels around the country, speaking to university audiences and creative writing students. Reveles lives and writes in the company of coyotes on a ranch on the outskirts of Tecate, and has recently completed his fourth collection of stories.

Steven Hiatt

Steven Hiatt is a professional editor and writer, but also has a long history as an activist; he went on his first demonstration, for a city equal housing ordinance, in Des Moines in 1965. He went on to edit an underground newspaper, was active in the movement against the Vietnam War, and then became a community college teacher and a teacher’s union organizer. He is the co-editor, with Mike Davis, of Fire in the Hearth: The Radical Politics of Place in America (Verso, 1989). Hiatt lives in San Francisco and is currently president of Editcetera, a nonprofit Bat Area cooperative of publishing professionals.

Sara Bongiorini

Sara Bongiorini, author of A Year without “Made in China”: One Family’s True Life Adventure in the Global Economy, was born and raised in San Diego County, where she attended Helix High School and the University of California, San Diego. After graduating from UCSD, she spent several years working in book publishing before returning to school to pursue a master’s degree in journalism from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. She subsequently worked as a business writer at regional newspapers and publications, first in California and later in Louisiana, where she moved in the late ’90s.

Alex Espinosa

Alex Espinosa was born in Tijuana, Mexico and raised in suburban Los Angeles. He worked as a used appliance salesman, a cashier and egg handler on a chicken ranch, and a retail manager while pursuing his BA in Creative Writing at the University of California, Riverside. He went on to earn his MFA in Writing from the University of California, Irvine, and served as editor of their literary journal, Faultline. His first novel, Still Water Saints (Random House, 2007), has been released simultaneously in Spanish, has been named a Barnes and Noble “Discover Great New Writer” selection for spring, 2007.

About the Artists

Gilbert Castellanos

San Diego-based trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos is a major force on the San Diego jazz scene and one of the leading trumpeters in the Southern California area. Castellanos is known equally for his work as a leader and as a member of two top jazz ensembles in the Los Angeles area—guitarist Anthony Wilson’s Nonet, and one of today’s most critically acclaimed big bands, the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra.Underground is his latest release on Seedling Records.

Zoë Keating

Cellist Zoë Keating is a one-woman string quartet, using live electronic sampling to create “layers of sound, that feel more like orchestrations than a solo instrument” (National Public Radio). She has performed across North America and Europe, including four tours supporting and accompanying Grammy-nominated artist Imogen Heap. Zoë’s self-released album One Cello x 16: Natoma made it to #2 on the iTunes classical and electronica charts.

Kim Stringfellow

Kim Stringfellow is an artist and educator living in San Diego, California. She teaches multimedia and photography at San Diego State University. Her professional practice and research interests address ecological, historical, and activist issues related to land use and the built environment through hybrid documentary forms incorporating writing, digital media, photography, audio, video, installation, and locative media.

About City Works Press

Since 1994, San Diego City College’s literary journal, City Works, has published the poetry, fiction, prose, and artwork of City College students as well as work by local and national writers. After ten years of putting out City Works, some of the journal’s editors decided it was time for San Diego to have its own literary press. We dared to think that one of the largest cities in the United States could support a small press. Our goal is to publish the finest work by local writers.

Atacama Poems
by Adrián Arancibia

Long before maquiladoras and transnational migrations, there were pampinos who worked mines owned by American companies in Latin America. Their lives are inspirations, their toils directions of where the spirit can survive. Taco Shop Poet Adrián Arancibia’s Atacama Poems offers reminders of the importance of fulfilling dreams and remembering those who made them possible. A multi-generational family album, where voices carry like echoes through the desert. Through those voices, we learn about the intimate experiences of a marriage trying to survive in the midst of exploitation, poverty, loneliness, and the driest desert in the world, the Atacama. It all begins where it ends, the desert.

The Unmaking of Americans: 7 Lives
By Mel Freilicher

Dorothy Dandridge, Bettie Page, Joey Stefano, Margaret Fuller, Bayard Rustin, Billy Strayhorn.The Unmaking of Americans: 7 Lives sketches an accurate outline of these admirable, complex, and in some cases, tragic lives as they have been depicted by their principal biographers. In this work, fact and fantasy mingle without becoming conflated. Freilicher develops a protagonist who engages in his own research and musings about these provocative figures and their historical eras. Befitting this hybrid book, that character himself exists somewhere between fiction and autobiography. This is a book that looks squarely at grave social and personal ills—abuse, prejudice, neglect, and loss—while memorably heralding individuals’ arduous intellectual, social, and creative triumphs.

The Gods of Rapture: Poems in the Erotic Mood
By Steve Kowit

Kowit is one of the best-known poets in San Diego with an enormous following. The poems are based on the ancient amatory poems of India written in Sanskrit. Art-drawings, portraits, and sketches accompany the poems throughout the text.

The Commuters
By Cheryl Klein

The Commuters is a novel composed of intersecting stories about people who live in Los Angeles. From an immigrant garment worker, struggling to exist in an often cruel city, to a lonely foster child, who uses arson to express himself, Klein’s novel delicately and deftly probes the inner lives of her compelling cast of characters.

Sunshine/Noir: Writing from San Diego and Tijuana
Edited by Jim Miller

A groundbreaking and innovative collection of San Diego/Tijuana writing edited by Jim Miller, co-author of Under the Perfect Sun: The San Diego Tourists Never See, Sunshine/Noir collects the work of Jimmy Santiago Baca, Mike Davis, Marilyn Chin, Steve Kowit, Sandra Alcosser, David Reid, Mark Dery, Victor Payan and Perry Vasquez, minerva, reg. e. gaines, Adrián Arancibia, Hal Jaffe, Sue Luzzaro, Jimmy Jazz, and many more…

Book Fair Vendors

  • 1913 Press
  • Adams Avenue Books
  • AK Press
  • All World Music
  • Betty's Bookstore
  • Bluestocking Books
  • The Book Cellar
  • The Book Works
  • Bountiful Books
  • Burgett Books
  • Calaca Press
  • Captain Fitch's Mercantile
  • Carlette Anderson
  • Catherine Daly Press
  • Crahlotte E. Thompson, M.D.
  • Chet Cunningham
  • Children's Book Treasury
  • City Works
  • City Works Press
  • Culturelink Press
  • Del Sol Books
  • E. Nichols Lee Books
  • Elizabeth Brown Books and Collectibles
  • Freedom Coffee
  • Friends of the Central Library
  • Haymarket Books
  • Healing Tree Arts
  • Help-U-Publish.com
  • Hickey’s Books, Perlandra College
  • Howard Karno Books Etc.
  • James D. Keeline, Bookseller
  • Janie Lancaster
  • KSDS FM 88.3 San Diego
  • Lehmann Bindery
  • Les Figues Press
  • Mary Mason, Bookseller
  • Michael Crews Development and SDG Press
  • One Book, One San Diego
  • Peet’s Coffee
  • Poetry International
  • Poets & Writers, Inc.
  • Questpath Publishing
  • Red Hen Press
  • San Diego City College Bookstore
  • San Diego City College Honors Program
  • The San Diego Council on Literacy
  • San Diego Writers Ink
  • The San Diego Writers/Editors Guild
  • Scott Emerson Books
  • Serenity Shop
  • Sunbelt Publications
  • Taqueria Universal
  • Torrey Pines Rare Books
  • TRI Studio
  • Wahrenbrocks Book House

Book Fair Staff

San Diego City College Literary Center and International Book Fair Staff:
  • Jim Miller, Director
  • Wendy Castellanos, Assistant to Director

Advisory Committee:
  • Chris Baron
  • Josh Baxt
  • Nancy Cary
  • June Cressy
  • Maria Figueroa
  • Karen Lim
  • Hector Martinez
  • Alys Masek
  • Kelly Mayhew
  • Elva Salinas
  • Donna Watson

We would also like to thank the following individuals and organizations for making this possible:
  • Christie Allred
  • Rafael Alvarez
  • Adam Bogage
  • Heidi Bunkowske
  • Winston Butler
  • Jennifer Cost
  • Vice President Carol Dexheimer
  • Anna Garcia
  • Karen Lim
  • John Markley
  • Terri Miracle
  • Kris Nelson
  • Otim Oloya
  • Elva Salinas
  • Espie Tanjuaquino
  • Perry Vasquez
  • Rondi Vasquez
  • SDCC Chicano Studies Department
  • SDCC English Department
  • SDCC Honors Program
  • SDCC Puente Program
  • SDCC Title V Committee
  • SDCC Writing Center

And all the students, staff, and faculty volunteers who helped make the fair happen.