Program Overview, Policies & Procedures

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will improve their overall fitness in the areas of cardiovascular efficiency, muscular endurance, muscular strength, body composition and flexibility.

Students are required to record each workout they complete during the semester and submit their record by the last day of the semester.

Total Fitness Circuit

Fitness Center machines used in the Total Fitness Circuit A circuit is an aerobic activity in which one rotates from a bicycle to a weight machine. The fitness circuit consists of 13 machines and 13 bikes. The combination of machines that emphasize muscle tone and the bikes that emphasize aerobic training provides the client with an overall fitness plan.

Join the circuit at any empty station. The voice command regulates the amount of time spent at each station. The pattern of movement is from exer-cycle to weight machine and from weight machine to exer-cycle. It is recommended that you check your heart rate to ascertain if you are at your training level. At the west end of the center there are 13 stationary cycles and 13 weight-lifting machines to alternate back and forth for an aerobic workout.



Before beginning the circuit, all students should complete a 10 minute warm-up. Use the equipment in the aerobic area that includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machine and Stairmasters.  If you are waiting for a piece of equipment, you must wait in line. 

The Circuit

After warm-up, students may move to ANY OPEN station in the circuit. The voice command regulates the amount of time spent at each station. The movement pattern is regulated directly from exercycle to weight machine and diagonal from weight machine to exercycle. The circuit follows a clockwise rotation. Everyone MUST follow this circuit progression. YOU MUST PERFORM YOUR WORKOUT IN THE FITNESS CENTER!

Cool Down

Upon completion of the circuit, the student should walk around the room to allow the heart rate to fall below 100 beats-per-minute. Cool down should last at least 10 minutes. This is a good time to do your stretching routine.


  • No headsets
  • No personal items may be stored in the center
  • No food or water bottles
  • No children
  • No cell phones

Fitness Assessments

While enrolled in P.E. 153, students may be assessed for fitness in blood pressure, flexibility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and body composition. This service is free to all enrolled students.

Crunch Club

Abdominal exercise classes are held throughout the Semester.

Crunch Club at City College Fitness Center.

Fitness Action Quizzes

Every two weeks, students are given the opportunity to read a fitness-related handout and take a quiz on the information from the handout. If students score a perfect 5/5, they are eligible to enter the raffle to win great prizes.


Workout Charts

Students are required to record each workout they complete during the semester and submit their record by the last day of the semester.


Because City College is concerned about the health and safety of its students, we teach "best practices" regarding attire. Thus, to avoid clothing from getting caught in machines, the student needs to avoid wearing street shoes (leather or rigid soles), sleeveless shirts, crop tops, tank tops, jeans, leotards, and clothing with belts or exposed zippers. Improper attire will result in exclusion from the center.


All those working out in the Fitness Center must provide their own towel. Towels should be used to wipe the upholstery as you leave. STUDENTS WITHOUT TOWELS WILL BE DENIED ACCESS TO THE CENTER. (No washcloths, t-shirts or sweatshirts used as a towel will be accepted).

Locker Rooms

The women's and men's locker rooms are located a few feet from the Fitness Center in the building directly south of the Fitness Center. The women's and men's locker rooms are located downstairs in the P-Building. Because there is no locker room in the Fitness Center, students are unable to change attire in the Fitness Center. Showers are available in both the women's and men's locker rooms. Towels are not provided.

Failure to adhere to these policies and procedures will result in removal from the Fitness Center by the instructor on duty.

last updated: 12/12/12