Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program



Everyone is welcome to purchase fresh produce, herbs, and flowers from Seeds@City Urban Farm! Enjoy delicious foods that were grown on campus by students of the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Program!

Our farm stand will be in operation over the summer!

10:30 AM - 1 PM (or while supplies last)
Located on 14th & "C" Streets. Just inside the main farm gates

Community Supported agriculture program

As a community-supported agriculture (CSA) shareholder, you make a commitment to help support a farm by prepaying for a share (portion) of the weekly harvest. Shareholders share the risk of a less than bountiful harvest and reap the benefits of an especially bountiful harvest. Shareholders help the farm survive by insuring consistent income for supplies and maintenance. Our CSA shares contain organically-grown vegetables, fruit, and herbs grown here on campus and picked that morning by City College students, staff, and faculty. 

All proceeds from our produce sales go directly back into the program to support farm maintenance (as the College does not fund any farm maintenance or supplies).

Please email if you have questions, or are interested in subscribing.


Shares cost $20 per week, and payment is paid on a monthly basis.
Members may pay using cash or checks made payable to Seeds@City Urban Farm. We cannot accept credit or debit cards. Payment can be made in full at our farm stand location, at (or prior to) the first farm stand of the month.

New members will be charged a one-time $20 deposit which provides two durable, reusable bags. We'll always have one of your bags ready for you filled with your share. If you choose to discontinue your subscription, you'll receive your $20 deposit with the return of your bags. 

Every Monday between 10:30am - 1:00pm
Pick up at the farm during farm stand hours 
Located at 14th and C Streets, San Diego, California

Office Delivery:
We can deliver to your campus office for an additional $10 service fee/month. Please email if you'd like to set up a campus delivery.

Contact Information:
We often send emails, newsletters and other announcements out to our CSA members. Please assist us by providing us with a valid email that is checked regularly. Also, in case we should have to contact you for another reason, please provide us with an alternate means of contact (phone call, text, personal email, etc).

Join the Wait-List:
Not quite ready to join the CSA program but think you might like to in the future? Please join the mailing list by contacting to sign you up. You will receive an email to notify you when a space opens, and if you are ready to join at that time, we will start your subscription!

last updated 06/19/14