Urban Farm Staff

Seeds@City Urban Farm Staff

Damian Valdez- Urban Farmer

Damian leads the farm's production efforts.  He started as a student and intern in the AGRI program, and later completed a work experience internship designing a rooftop garden for Alchemy Cultural Fare & Cocktails in South Park. In Fall 2012, Damian was hired to as the program's urban farmer. Since he's taken the helm our production has soared. All produce sales support farm maintenance, supply and staffing needs for the AGRI program. Stop by the farm and check out his work behind the P Building and Harry West Gym at our "Orchard" site.

  Click here to contact Damian.

Ted Poirier- Urban Farmer 

Check back soon for info about Ted. 

Krystal Delgado - Agriculture Program Assistant

Krystal is a San Diego native and a student at San Diego City College. Krystal discovered her interest in sustainable agriculture and organic gardening after volunteering for the urban farm while taking an environmental science class on campus. Both alarmed and moved to action by some industrial farming practices, Krystal has become fascinated with the connection between current trends in food consumption and sustainable practices of the future. This has motivated her to promote the cultivation and consumption of organic foods as way of affecting a positive and sustainable change in farming practices. She is a recent addition to the farm, joining the team in October 2013. Krystal's academic interests include wildlife conservation and ecological restoration. She is currently earning a certificate in Sustainability through the certification program on campus, and she aims to transfer to a four-year university and earn a degree in conservation biology. Krystal has also been assisting her fellow San Diego City College students as a Supplemental Instruction tutor for the English Center since August 2012. She looks forward to further serving students and the community by helping them find access to delicious, locally-grown organic foods.

As the program assistant, Krystal helps the farm/AGRI program manager by helping with fundraising, record-keeping, data-entry, CSA program management, website and Facebook updating, and community outreach. Click here to contact Krystal.

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