Career Technology Center (CTC)

CTC Dates
Bid and Award: 3Months 30-Mar-08 to 30-May-08
Duration: 18 Months
Start Date: 2-Jun-08
Finish Date 2-Nov-09
CTC Alerts
Project Name / Area Approximate: Career Technology Center (CTC)
Start Dates: COMPLETED
Emergency Contact: N/A
Construction Alert Description: CONSTRUCTION COMPLETED in 05/2010- minor repair work ongoing.
Comments: N/A
CTC Status
Project: Career Technology Center (CTC)
Description: New construction of approximately 88,900 sf for Nursing, Cosmetology, Photography, Police Headquarters and other support space. Also includes a 700-car parking garage.
Location: 16th Street & Broadway
Start Date: 7/3/2006
Finish Date: 5/1/2010
Phase: Construction
Funding: S
Comments: As of 04/2011- ***CTC/V Bldg construction completed in May 2010 and building is fully functional and operating since Summer classes of 2010***  CTC Grand Opening Ceremony was held on Friday 9/24/10 at 10am at CTC building.  On 12/21/2010 and 12/22/2010 the LED lighting on the west side of the building facade was replaced by contractors.  Installation of an additional roof drain began on 04/18/2011 and the area affected by this work was the 5th floor vestibule outside the Photography gallery space.  This work was completed on 04/20/2011 (note- this work took place during the District Spring Break).  The Campus Police office move from the T Bldg to the CTC also took place during the District Spring Break, and the move was completed on 04/19/2011 without incident