Humanities Building

Humanities Building Dates
Project: Humanities Building
DSA:  6 Months 2-May-09 to 2-Nov-09
Bid and Award  3 Months 3-Nov-09 to 3-Feb-10
Duration: 21 Months
Start Date: 4-Feb-10
Finish Date 4-Nov-11
Humanities Building Alerts
Project Name / Area Approximate: Humanities Building
Start Dates: 08/01/2010 to 10/09/2012
Emergency Contact: Thomas J. Fine 619-994-4262, Guy Meades 619-994-5154, Rachel Fornaca - 619-994-8443, Paul Wraa- 858-922-5169
Construction Alert Description: Construction work began in 10/2010 and is ongoing in this area until late 2012. See "General Status" page for construction details.
Comments: Please notify City College Business Services for other alerts as observed.
Humanities Building Status
Project: Humanities Building
Description: New construction of approximately 70,000 sf for Arts and Humanities including new space for Visual Arts, English, ESOL, Speech and Foreign Language, Honors, World Cultures, City Works, Common areas, and associated support space.
Location: 16th Street & B Street.
Start Date: 8/26/2009
Finish Date: 10/9/2012
Phase: DSA review
Funding: N
Comments: As of 04/2011- The demolition of the S Bldg, which was located in the footprint of the new buildings, was completed in late 08/2010. Site clearing and removal of materials was also completed in preparation for construction. Following demo, the contractor installed temporary fencing around site, from the Saville Theater around the block east and to the B Street Bridge/Curran Plaza area. The contractor also installed sound barriers at the C bldg as well as lockable gates with a District padlock, which prevents access to and from the lower South C Bldg exterior corridor. all of these barriers will remain in place throughout construction. DSA Final approval of drawings was received on 10/21/2010. The contractor who is assigned the excavation, site grading, shoring, underground utilities, and SWPPP (storm water pollution prevention program) portion of work mobilized to the site on 10/18/2010. As of 04/2011, the site storm drain work has been completed and site utility work in the street is ongoing. Onsite utility work will begin the week of 04/11/2011- 04/15/2011. The project Architects and District FF&E PM are still conducting FF&E Planning meetings with faculty and staff, and these meetings will continue through Spring 2011. The preconstruction meeting for all contractors on this project was held on 02/11/2011 and the groundbreaking ceremony for this project was held on 2/11/2011 on site, as well.