Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 2

Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 2 Dates
Project: Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 2
12 29-Jun-09 to 29-Jun-10
 DSA: 6 30-Jun-10 to 30-Dec-10 
Duration: 12 Months
Start Date: 1-Apr-11
Finish Date 1-Apr-12
Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 2 Alerts
Project Name / Area Approximate: Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 2
Start Dates: 11/2010 to 3/2011
Emergency Contact: Thomas J. Fine 619-994-4262, Guy Meades 619-994-5154, Rachel Fornaca - 619-994-8443, Paul Wraa- 858-922-5169
Construction Alert Description: Beginning 01/21/2011, Parking Lot #1 and Parking Lot #2 were closed for construction, trailers, equipment staging, and laydown for the Storm/Sewer, Central Plant, and Science Bldg projects. As of 2/2011 Portions of Russ Blvd are also impacted and there is limited vehicle and pedestrian access. Please note, ADA Parking, CACT/Incubator Parking, and a Pedestrian Walkway will remain in the area of Parking Lot #1. Construction began in mid-11/2010 at the north end of Parking Lot #1 and contractor will be moving south along 16th street in the area of C Street and Broadway, working in phases until Spring 2011.
Comments: Please notify City College Business Services for other alerts as observed.
Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 2 Status
Project: Infrastructure Upgrade Phase 2
Description: Upgrades to City and College utilities along the 16th St. and 15th St. corridors to support new and renovated buildings. Also includes upgrades and improvements to the sidewalks and pathways for pedestrian travel throughout the campus.
Location: 16th St. Corridor/15th St. Corridor
Start Date: SDS: 11/15/2010   IT/DATA: 11/08/2010
Finish Date: SDS: 05/06/2011   IT/DATA: 04/15/2011
Phase: City Review
Funding: N
Comments: As of 4/2011- [STORM DRAIN/SEWER "SDS"]: Designs for the 15th and 16th street sewer upgrade and 15th street storm drain relocation were reviewed and conditionally approved by the City the week of 9/06/2010. In mid- 9/2010 the project scope was bid-out and contracts were awarded.  Contractor mobilized to the campus the week of 12/06/2010.  As of 04/2011- the work in 16th Street is complete and awaiting a final inspection and punch walk.  The contractor is also nearing completion on the storm drain and sewer line installation in B Street, and the lines have been upgraded from 24" to 36".  In the 15th Street Corridor area, the contractor has completed connecting the storm drain to the previously installed piping and the work in this area is now complete as of 04/08/2011.  As of 04/22/2011, the contractor has also finished tying in the storm drain laterals into the 15th Street easement pipe.  The contractor installed 120 ft. of protective casing for the new sewer line as well.  On 04/18/2011, (during the District Spring Break), the contractor started connecting the rerouted storm drain to the main line, and they are working in Parking Lot #1 just east and southeast of the T Bldg. The existing storm drain pipe, which cuts across the footprint of the new Science Bldg, will then be crushed and abandoned, beginning the week of 04/25/2011 and this work should be complete by 04/20/2011.  [DATA/IT]:  Design for project was approved by the City in 08/2010 and project scope was bid out and contract awarded.  Preconstruction meeting with contractor and campus was held on 11/05/2010 and work began on 11/15/10.  As of 04/2011- the contractor is currently de-mobilizing and removing their equipment from the laydown area.  They are also conducting final clean up and a site walk was held with Campus Facilities to identify landscaping issues that were disturbed as part of the project.  The contractor has already begun reinstating some of the landscaping issues along Russ Blvd.  A final punchlist walk was held on 04/14/2011 and a few minor items were mentioned for the contractor to address.  The project team is currently in the process of completing the project closeout process.  [OTHER]:  Faculty Parking Lot #1 and Parking Lot #2 is impacted by this work and were closed in mid-01/2011, however ADA Parking, CACT/Incubator Parking and a Pedestrian Walkway are being installed in the area of Parking Lot #1.  In 02/2011- The street lighting along 16th Street and the parking lot lights in Lot #1 were reinstated.  Vehicular access to the lower-level manufacturing bays in the T Bldg and the Facilities Maintenance supplies will remain open throughout the Infrastructure, Central Plant, and Science Bldg construction.