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Community College League of California

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City College and District Links in One Place

Often times it’s difficult to navigate back and forth between websites and remember which form is where, especially when in a hurry, or helping someone right in front of you while on the phone, or having to drive between 3 campuses for all of your jobs! The following are the most popular forms in one location for us here at City, as a tool!

Field Trip Forms: All three required

Petition To Challenge a Prerequisite:

Independent Study Form:

Student Services Department web page
  • Assignment of Incomplete
  • Change of Course Level Within a Discipline
  • Consent to Release Confidential Student Information by Faculty
  • Faculty Academic Sanction
  • Grade Assignment/Change
  • Petition for Schedule Adjustment
  • Removal of Disruptive Students
  • Student Code of Conduct Guidelines for Online Classes
  • …and more!
Business Services:
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Reprographics Business Card Request Form
  • District Online Travel Forms – (does not include the City College Travel Cover Page which is necessary and can be found in Public Folders – see below)
  • Request for Leave of Absence
The forms below are located via your District Outlook Email via Public Folders -> City College -> Business Services
  • Computing Services Request Form (for email, network, software, computer, etc.)
  • Telephone Service Order
  • Donation Forms
  • Volunteer forms
  • City Campus Travel Forms (to be used in addition to the online travel forms)
  • Facilities Request Form
  • Lost/Stolen/Missing Key Form
  • Request For Reduced Workload
  • ASP Special Project Request
  • …and more!
Academic Calendars:

Human Resources Forms (includes Address/Name Change forms, tax forms you might need to update, and lots more):
  • Delta Dental Forms
  • CALSTRS Forms
  • CALPRS Forms
  • FMLA Flow Chart
  • Request form for W-2s
  • W-4 Tax Form
  • Insurance Forms
  • Tuition Reimbursement (Classified Only)
  • VEBA information
Adjunct Office Hour Form:

other information

Relaxation Techniques
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