Membership is open to administrators, faculty, classified staff, students and individuals from the community. The committee has a chair who is responsible for scheduling meetings, establishing agendas, representing the Diversity Committee on the newly formed District committee, Campus Diversity Advisory Council and keeping abreast of current trends in promoting an inclusive campus climate. The Chair is chosen from active committee members and is approved by the Diversity Committee.

Current committee members 2013-2014

Deanna Shelton (Chair)
Justin Akers-Chacon (Co-Chair)
Awana Payne
Sue Martin   
Josoyln Hill
Dometrives Armstrong
Alan Rivera
Brenda Gaipa

Chair (2009-2010)

  • Pamela J. Finkel

Chair (2010-2011)

  • Justin Akers-Chacon

chairs (2011-2012) 

 Deanna Shelton
 Justin Akers-Chacon