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Agenda and Minutes

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San Diego City College’s Master Planning, Assessment, and Resource Oversight Council (MPAROC) conducts the following strategic planning functions for the institution.

  • Provides direction for the program review, planning, and resources allocation processes for the campus.

  • Integrates all long-term planning including instructional, facilities, technology, budget, communication, Student Success and other Institutional plans.

  • Facilitates the development of a faculty and staff- led assessment process of Student Learning and Administrative Outcomes for City College to improve teaching, learning, advising and serving students at the individual, course, program, and institutional level.

  • Periodically reviews City College student competencies for currency.

  • Integrates accreditation action plans into relevant College plans.

  • Reviews and evaluates the:
    • Educational Master Plan and annual updates
    • The Mission
    • Institutional Priorities
    • Institutional Competencies
  • Processes for resource allocation and equipment acquisition.

  • Develops, reviews and evaluates the processes and criteria for faculty and classified hiring.

  • Integrates recommendations of other councils into the program review, planning, and resource allocation processes.