Getting Started: Assessment Cycle


  1. Have as many members as possible from your department or discipline meet to discuss your philosophy of learning, values, what you think are the most important knowledge, skills, and beliefs for students to have as they complete your program. For administrative and student service areas discuss additional administrative goals for the department or program.
  2. Collectively author and collaboratively agree on a list of student learning or administrative outcomes (you may think of these as objectives. Don’t get lost in semantics) that are of value to department or program faculty/staff.
  3. Collectively agree upon a timeline for assessment of each outcome.  Enter into TaskStream under Standing Requirements to the left of your workspace.  For one-on-one mentoring on TaskStream, for passwords or for departmental training or workshops, contact Berta Harris at (619) 388-3877 or Dotti Cordell at (619) 388-3903,
  4. You will see a clear connection between your student learning/ administrative outcomes and the City College Mission, Master Planning Institutional Priorities and Institutional Competencies/Outcomes.  Use the TaskStream mapping tool in the SLO/AO link under Standing Requirements.
  5. In your department or discipline meeting discuss ways to assess the chosen student or administrative outcome. Define the means of assessment and what your department considers successful demonstration of the particular outcome—Criteria for Success.
  6. Create your assessment tool/rating criteria/rubric if needed. Enter into TaskStream under Assessment Plan link for the current year.
  7. Use your assessment tool to measure the student learning or administrative outcome.
  8. Have instructors/staff submit findings anonymously from their classes to your discipline SLO/AO liaison.
  9. Compare data results with the criteria for success that was identified in #4 above. Enter into TaskStream under Assessment Findings link.
  10. As a department or discipline review and discuss the results to see if they met goals/expectations. Given identified trends and/or gaps in your findings discuss ideas to improve them.  Discuss learning activities, course sequence, prerequisites, master plan allocations, or other systems or program adjustments that may help improve student learning or administrative outcomes.  Enter into TaskStream under Action Plan.  Use Status Report link below Action Plan to document work completed.  If your identified criteria for success was met, choose the next outcome identified for assessment in the coming semester or year.