General Information

The Instructional Improvement Program (Flex) is a requirement for colleges operating under a flexible academic calendar. Participation is required for all contract and adjunct faculty in lieu of instruction resulting from the reduction from a 18 week to a 16 week flexible calendar. Participating in the Instructional Improvement Program is mandatory. Faculty who do not participate in the program will have their pay deducted to reflect the hours not worked and may be subject to disciplinary action. It is the responsibility of the faculty to monitor the status of their flex obligation throughout the semester.

The program is designed to offer faculty the most flexible range of possible work activities, which are called Flex Activities, with many scheduled during designated Flex Days. Faculty can fulfill the obligation at any time during the semester (adjunct) or the academic year (contract). Flex Activities can be made up of college designated activities and workshops, or approved Independent projects, as long as they qualify as Instructional Improvement Activities under Title 5.

One important requirement in districts operating under an approved Flexible Calendar is to meet various monitoring and reporting requirements. These requirements include: specifying particular activities that qualify as instructional improvement; maintaining records on the type and number of activities assigned; and monitoring the number of employees participating in each activity.

In an effort to facilitate participation in required flex activities, the District has created a faculty Flex website on the Faculty Web Services website. The site includes a list of available college designated activities and workshops, developed and offered at each college, which faculty can sign up to attend. There is also an online form for faculty to submit a request to conduct an independent project for Flex credit. The Faculty Flex website includes guidelines and information about meeting the Instructional Improvement obligation with the Flex Program.

The Instructional Improvement (Flex) Handbook is an additional guide to walk you through completing the online forms and provides a review of the Flex Program to help faculty meet the Instructional  Improvement obligation.

Since the Flex obligation is "in lieu of instruction", this obligation must be met each semester.  However, if there are special circumstances, they will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Faculty may request an exception via the Dean to the Vice President of Instruction.  The Flex office will send regular reports to the appropriate Dean/Vice President reflecting remaining Flex hour obligations.

Visit the District’s Flex Website to:

  • Review the number of hours you are required to complete (Click “Your Contract”).

  • Register for Flex activities (Click “Workshop Registration”).

  • Submit an Independent Project Proposal (Click “Independent Projects”).

  • Mark your activities complete and submit (See “Your Contract”).

  • Monitor your Flex hours (See “Your Contract”).

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