Career Planning Steps

Career planning is an continuous process that can help you manage and develop your goals.  When conducted mindfully, Career planning may lead to a successful and fulfilling professional life.  As a San Diego City College student, you have the opportunity to work with our dedicated career counselors and staff which can provide assistance throughout you career planning steps.

This 4-step Career Planning process can be a self revealing and fun process. Depending on your goals and vision of the future, this process can be challenging but quite rewarding.

Step 1  Self Exploration

Thinking about your interests, values, skills and preferences is important.  Discover yourself by completing our validated and reliable Career Self Assessment.  

Step 2  Resource IdentificationSeek out information about your chosen profession
Step 3  Career Field ResearchLearn what it is really about: salary, a day in the life of, etc.
Step 4  Job ReadinessPlan for a job now, review you resume, job hunt, practice interviewing, etc.

Academic Pathways for Career Planning

Transfer ServicesExplore the steps for transferring in the Transfer Center
What Can I do with this Major?Explore the possibilities
What kind of job are you looking for?Explore a keyword bank that will assist you in finding any job related to your interest!
Have a major but don't know what jobs are available?Explore jobs related to your major, find out other majors related to those jobs, & find out job trends year to year and even salaries to match!