Self Exploration

Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” -Buddha

At San Diego City College Career Center we offer services that can help you find your career path. Your journey begins with discovering who you are, and what your special skills are.  Students ought to begin with V.I.P.S: Values, Interest, Personality and Skills Assessments.

CAREER ASSESSMENTS – See a counselor in order to gain free access

Values AssessmentWhat do you value when seeking a job?        
DISCOVERInterest, and skills assessment tool              
Interests Inventory
Interest assessment tool                               
PersonalityMBTI personality assessment tool              
Skills Profiler 
Skills assessment tool                                   


  1. Access to the various career assessments are free only to ENROLLED San Diego City College students
  2. For FREE access, students must FIRST be referred by our career counselors before they are granted the center’s access code for the assessments, and their results.
  3. To reap the maximum benefit of self exploration, interpretation of your career assessments should be conducted by an experienced professional career counselor
  4. Visit our Career Counseling link for more details on making a career counseling appointment
  5. Take Personal Growth 130 Career and Life Planning class