Child Development Center

Our children’s program is planned to nurture the whole child (social/emotional cognitive, language, and physical development) through an integrated curriculum. Children are guided through learning experiences appropriate to their individual capabilities and readiness.

The program provides opportunities for challenge and mastery, peer interactions and expression of the children’s individual needs and interests. An integrated curriculum provides opportunities for exploration of the environment through language and literacy, creative activities, science, math, sensory experiences, and motor activities. The program provides active and quiet activities, child-directed and teacher-directed activities, and group and individual activities throughout the day.

Children learn best in an environment with consistent limits where they are allowed to make choices. This approach leads to self-direction, independence, and responsibility. Children are encouraged to think, reason, recall and experiment as they work. Meeting the needs and interests of children and their families includes consideration of the diverse values and cultures of individual children. Active participation from students and parents is important to the quality of our total program.

The Center is located at 16th and B streets. For additional information, call (619) 388-3205 or drop by (License Numbers 370805154 and 370806172).