Career Counseling

Students who are undecided about a career or major and/or need assistance setting an academic goal should seek career counseling. Career counseling will help a student become more self-aware. They will learn about the career planning process that includes an examination of their interests, skills, life values, and information about the world of work and job families. Students who have an academic plan based on a career goal will usually have an easier time selecting their courses each semester. The career will define the major or program of study the student should follow.

Steps to follow

  1. Career exploration is a multi-step process that starts with a self-assessment of your strongest interests, skills and values. Please visit the transfer/career center to take the online skills personality test.  You can also visit the online counseling link via the Online Counseling page to review online career resources.
  2. Once you know more about yourself you can look at which occupations would be a good match via the Career center, or by exploring their website:
  3. Finally, you will need to look into the job market for your chosen field to assess what opportunities are available. All of these steps can be addressed through resources available to you in San Diego City’s Transfer/Career Center or online links.

Career Workshops

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