Counseling Workshops & Personal Growth Courses

Currently being offered through the Counseling Department are the following workshops and courses designed to facilitate student success.

Counseling Workshops

  • New Student Orientation: designed for the new or first year student.
  • Academic Success Workshop: designed for students who would like to obtain an introduction to key academic success principles and strategies; required for students who have been disqualified from attending City College for the first time, and would like to be considered for re-admission.

Workshops are offered at various times throughout each semester. Reservations for attendance of a workshop are required and can be made by contacting the Counseling Department.

Academic Success Workshop Schedule


  • Personal Growth 120 : College Success & Lifelong Learning
  • Personal Growth 130 : Career & Life Planning
  • Personal Growth 140 : Life Skills & Personal Adjustment
Descriptions for each of these courses can be found here.