DSPS Courses

The DSPS instructional curriculum promotes equal participation in mainstream academic programs through preparatory and skill maintenance courses. Check the current City College schedule for days and times of classes.

Academic Support Classes

DSPS 27 Career Planning for the Disabled
DSPS 34 College Success Skills
DSPS 38 Math Strategies for the Learning Disabled
DSPS 40 Individual Assessment and Educational Planning
DSPS 43 Advanced Applied Study Strategies
DSPS 49 Writing Structured Paragraphs
Personal Growth 127 Designated DSPS Section
Personal Growth 140 Designated DSPS Section

Accessible Computer Classes

DSPS 20 Introduction to Accessible Computers
DSPS 21 Accessible Computer Lab


EXSC 112 Adapted Swimming
EXSC 123 Adapted Physical Fitness
EXSC 134 Adapted Weight Training

To find out if these courses are offered this semester, please refer to the current City College Schedule.