Identify and Implement Accommodations

After receiving medical and/or Learning Disability verification of disability, the student will have a follow up appointment with a DSPS counselor specialist. At this time, the DSPS counselor will work with the student to identify educational needs, and develop an individualized plan for accommodations, services and classes.

Each semester the student will receive a DSPS “Authorized Academic Accommodations” letter (AAA letter), identifying their personalized accommodations.  The student is given copies for each instructor and is encouraged to discuss this with each faculty member.

Finally, the DSPS counselor specialist will provide appropriate referrals to campus and community resources.

PLEASE NOTE: "AAA" accommodation letters are developed each semester and expire at the end of the official term. It is the student's responsibility to meet a minimum of once a semester to maintain and/or adjust their accommodations based on scheduled classes and instructional needs.