Federal Work Study

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At this time, we have filled the work study positions for this year.  We may have additional funding available for the Spring 2018 semester. Please check back with us at that time.

To be eligible for Work Study, you must

  • be enrolled in at least 6 units for the Fall 2017 semester
  • have unmet need of at least $4,000
  • have met the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards in Good Standing and you do not or did not have to submit a financial aid appeal for any reason
Please be sure to bring your Social Security card and your CA Drivers License or ID. If the Work Study coordinator is available when you submit your name, we will check to see if you meet the eligibility requirements and provide you with the initial paperwork.

Federal Work Study (FWS) allows students the opportunity to earn part of their financial aid by working in assigned jobs, both on and off campus.

Awarding of FWS funds is extremely limited due to the small amount of funds received each year. FWS awards range from $1,000 to $4,000 per school year. Students must be in Good Standing based on the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policies to be considered for FWS. Students that must appeal will not be considered for FWS.

Students must complete an employment packet and meet all eligibility requirements. Students with convictions may be ineligible to work depending on the type and number of convictions.

Students are paid a salary that is at least equal to the current minimum wage, but all current Federal Work Study jobs pay more than the minimum wage. Federal Work Study is different from the other financial aid programs in that a student is allocated a certain amount of money to earn. As work on the job is completed, a monthly time card is submitted for the hours worked just as at a regular job. Once a month, the student receives a paycheck for the hours worked for the previous month.

Students may work until their Federal Work Study award is earned in full, until their last date of attendance or until the end of the Spring 2018 semester, whichever occurs first. At that time, the Federal Work Study job ends. There is no guaranty that students will continue to receive Federal Work Study for the following year.

This page was last updated on August 19, 2017.