Mission and Goals


The mission of the Learning Communities is to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment that promotes the highest educational, intellectual and social development for students.


Learning Community students will achieve the following goals:

  • Success: Persist at San Diego City College, achieve academic success and accomplish their educational goals.
  • Responsibility: Effectively transition to college level learning by becoming actively involved and taking responsibility for their own learning.
  • Relationships: Develop closer social and intellectual relationships with other Learning Community faculty and students from different cultures and majors. This is the foundation of the Learning Community.
  • Critical Thinking: Gain knowledge and develop critical thinking skills by connecting ideas from different disciplines.
  • Personal Experience: Achieve learning that is deeper and more personally relevant through service learning and experiential activities.
  • Individuality: Exercise their creativity, develop their identity and discover their voice.  Learning becomes a part of who the student is, not just something the student does.
  • Global Perspective: Evolve into life-long scholars, conscious citizens and ethical leaders by integrating what they learn into their world view and other academic and social experiences.