"You can't lead the people, if you don't love the people. You can't save the people, if you won't serve the people."
- Dr. Cornel West

The success of the MESA Program is a tribute to the outstanding support of the City College community. Everyone has a role in the success of MESA Creators. Because the City College community cares, MESA Creators believe, persevere, overcome and achieve excellence!

Program Staff

The Corner Man says, "There is no crying in MESA. We're in this fight to win it!"


 Rafael Alvarez
MESA Director
a.k.a. The Corner Man

Veronica Navallez
MESA Counselor


 Ashley Pourazary
Program Assistant

 Nick Troast
Program Assistant


Faculty Mentors

Teaching leads to learning. Mentoring leads to growth!

Special thanks to the following faculty for holding office hours in the MESA Center and being an integral part of the daily lives of MESA Creators. They are professors, role-models, advisors, friends and, most of all, mentors. Their support is greatly appreciated, and it is a key source of inspiration for MESA Creators.


 Professor Carlos de la Lama

 Professor Lisa Chaddock
Geography/Earth Science


 Professor James Covalt

 Professor Gullermo Alvarez


 Professor Lisa Will

 Professor Misael Camarena


 Professor Paul Young

 Professor Poovan Murugesan