About Us


The Math Center offers students several ways to complete their developmental math requirements (Math 38 - Prealgebra, Math 46 Elementary Algebra and Geometry, and Math 96 - Intermediate Algebra and Geometry).  These Math Center Programs provide students with scheduling flexibility, individualized pacing, a variety of learning modalities, and the ability to overcome prerequisite or course repetition blocks.  The Math Center currently offers two programs: (1) On-campus Math Center courses, and (2) Pass/No-Pass Refresher Courses (Math 15 series).  These programs set themselves apart from conventional lecture and online courses in the flexibility they offer.


Our mission is to provide a flexible learner-centered environment in which students are able to complete their college math requirements.


The City College Math Center first opened its doors in 1994 and has helped thousands of students achieve their math goals with on-campus, self-paced courses. With its open-entry courses, the Math Center has been a safety net to students who have mid-semester schedule changes or those who determine that they will not succeed in a traditional course and need to find a fast alternative. In Fall 2012, Professor Paul Young has joined Professor Kater in Co-coordinating the Math Center.