Faculty Comments

“Since its inception in 1994, the Math Center has provided a flexible alternative to the traditional lecture courses. The open-entry, open-exit, self-paced courses offered by the Math Center have enabled thousands of students to complete their math goals in a unique way. Yet, there are still situations that require additional solutions. That's why the Math 15 refresher courses and the online open-entry Math 46 and 96 courses were added to the Math Center offerings in 2007 and 2008.

These new programs allow City College to a provide unprecedented support for the math-related needs of our students. Need to unblock a repetition violation? Can do. Need to refresh your Math in a low cost, no penalty course before taking the placement exam? Can do. Need a streamlined path to Math 119 for transfer purposes? Can do. Need to challenge a prerequisite? Can do. Need to work exclusively online, finish a course early, or have extend time? Can do. Can do. Can do.

As founder and coordinator of the Math Center program, I've seen quite a few students get totally stuck in pursuit of their math prerequisites over the years. Now, we have enough tools in place for students to work through these issues and become unstuck. It is extremely gratifying to help students complete their math requirements and move on.”
- David Kater, Math Center Coordinator

“The Math Center gives students that opportunity to address their academic needs in various ways. Students can take self-paced developmental courses in various modalities. Students can choose to take full courses physically or online. They can take the opportunity to work as fast or as slow as they need. They can take the opportunity of meeting course prerequisites or addressing course repeatability violations through the 1-unit math refresher courses. Using the Math Center’s resources any developmental math student can receive tutoring, work with the online tutorials, work online in their online courses, or view course videos for their particular course.

The Math Center offers incredible flexibility for students to choose the most appropriate course given their situation. If as student wants to take up to two semesters to complete a challenging math course, all the while have someone to guide them and assist them in their progress, then they can simply enroll in our Math Center self-paced courses. If they want the flexibility of doing the same course but online, they can enroll in our self-paced developmental math course. If they want to refresh on their math skills to clear course perquisites or advance in their placement level, they can use the resources available in the center to assist them. Since the Math Center is open on Saturdays and evening, students can fit their education around their busy work and family schedules.

Finally, the math center works on the premise of servicing students in the best way possible. Students visiting the Math center will receive advise from our staff and faculty on the best option for their progress, and when necessary our staff will assist students by filling out petition to clear prerequisites, or will schedule an appointment with the chair, or will advise students on registering for their courses. All in all, students’ needs, their academic success and their progress to their degree are the primary concerns of all Math Center staff.”
- Carlos de la Lama, Math Department Chairperson

“Counselors have benefited greatly from the support of the Math Center and we regularly refer students to take advantage of all it has to offer. Students are supported with tutors and a variety of modalities to learn. The option to take courses online or self-paced, adds an invaluable opportunity for those students demanding a more flexible schedule, e.g., our military students taking courses from out-of-state or abroad. The newly created math refresher courses have also proven to be an added complement to student learning; helping students to review specific math topics and prepare for higher levels of math.”
- Perla Vizcarra, Math Dept. Liason for the Counseling Dept.

"Before the invention of computers, students had one way to learn math. This was through paper, pencil and lecture. Computer technology has drastically changed this paradigm. Computers have allowed mathematics and other subjects to be learned through the use of computers. The recent innovations in technologies in learning programs in the Math Center give students an opportunity to learn math in a different way. The Math Center offers a variety of self-paced programs which include online math coursed, refresher mathematics courses, and tutoring to name a few. The value of these programs gives an opportunity to students to learn in a different way. It also gives an opportunity to students who are limited in transportation, time or other restrictions to register for classes. The Math Center is a very valuable tool that can benefit all students."
- Kirsten Lollis