Faculty Comments

“The Math Center gives students the opportunity to take the opportunity of meeting course prerequisites or addressing course repeatability violations through the 1-unit math refresher courses. Using the Math Center’s resources any developmental math student can receive tutoring, work online in their online courses, attend workshops or view course videos for their particular course.

The Math Center offers incredible flexibility for students to choose the most appropriate course given their situation. If they want to refresh on their math skills to clear course perquisites or advance in their placement level, they can use the resources available in the center to assist them. Since the Math Center is open on Saturdays and evenings, students can fit their education around their busy work and family schedules.

Finally, the Math Center works on the premise of servicing students in the best way possible. Students’ needs, their academic success and their progress to their degree are the primary concerns of all Math Center staff.”
- Carlos de la Lama, Math Department Chairperson