Student Comments

"What I like about the Math Center is that I can come in on my own time and the center is open hours that are really flexible too. I work at my own pace and take tests when I am ready. I don't have to worry about cramming for a test. And everyone has to love that there is no homework! Tutors are available if I ever need help."

- Mai Lor

"I like the Math Center better than a regular classroom because I can get one on one help from a tutor. I can also come in on my own time."

- Zoe Ryan-Ast

"I like the fact that I can go at my own pace. If I feel like I already have the concept down, I can move on and take the test for the chapter as opposed to being in a class that is regimented, where you have to wait to take a test. It also helps having tutors readily available if you need any help. I also like the ability to take practice tests to see where you stand."

- Chris Arentz

"I like how the Math Center is organized. The computer video are has the math software we need for each class. The tutorial CD is simple and very useful."

- Clara H. Skowron

"I really love the schedule. It will really help me a lot with other classes. It will give me the flexibility to plan my days better and it's great because you can work at your own pace.

- Angel Huertas

"It's great that we have the freedom to come whenever we want instead of at a specific time. It helps us to be more organized and responsible to finish the hours. It gives us the opportunity to focus more and get help on our problems from the tutor instead of being in a class of thirty students."

- Afaar Naddour

"As this semester began, I was enrolled in a regular Math 35 class and on the first class meeting a representative from the math lab came in and explained the idea of enrolling in a self-paced class. I immediately made my decision. I personally feel that being given the opportunity in college to be in a self-paced class is a great opportunity if the student has the work ethic to succeed. After learning the way the math lab works, I am content completing my math units in this environment. The staff in the math lab is pleasant and eager to help. The ability and method of checking out materials is a great element. From the check-in/check-out process to test taking, the math lab is well designed and organized well."

- Christopher Boshell

"I honestly love the Math Center and the fact that it is one of the options students are given to complete remedial courses. The reasons why I love the Math Center are many, but I will only list a few here. One of the main "pros" of the program is that students are able to progress as slow or as fast as they choose or are able. Most students share the same mind set of getting it done as fast as possible, and here, this is an option. Another reason why the Math Center is great is because the style of learning math is mostly in the hands of the student. Math is a delicate subject that must be presented to students in a manner of which they are able to grasp. I believe in a classroom with 60 other people, there will be many "left in the dust". The Math Center offers one on one tutoring that will not only encourage the student in learning, but also ensure his/her total understanding of the material. In order to truly progress and succeed in the Math Center, it is required that the student totally understands the material. I believe in the classroom we are able to "slide through" sometimes."

- Mazen Aboul-Zelof