Student Comments

"What I like about the Math Center is that I can come in on my own time and the center is open hours that are really flexible too. I work at my own pace and take tests when I am ready. I don't have to worry about cramming for a test. And everyone has to love that there is no homework! Tutors are available if I ever need help."  Mai Lor

"I like the fact that I can go at my own pace. If I feel like I already have the concept down, I can move on.  It also helps having tutors readily available if you need any help."  Chris Arentz

"I really love the schedule. It gave me the flexibility to plan my days better and it's great because you can work at your own pace.   Angel Huertas

"It's great that we have the freedom to come whenever we want instead of at a specific time. It helps us to be more organized and responsible to finish the hours. It gives us the opportunity to focus more and get help on our problems from the tutor instead of being in a class of thirty students."  Afaar Naddour