What type of Math class should I take?

The Math Center has evolved several programs to help you achieve success in your remedial Math Courses. Math your way! If you want an on-campus structured self-learning course with tutoring, we have it. If you want a one-unit pass/no-pass refresher course, we have it. If you want walk-in tutoring, we have it.

Look at the comparison chart to help you decide which courses will best meet your needs.

On Campus Structured self-learning Courses - MATH 38, 46, 96

  • I need a flexible schedule.
  • I need to progress more slowly.
  • I need to progress more quickly.
  • The add deadline has passed or the other courses are closed.
  • I am motivated & self-disciplined.
  • I need occasional one-on-one help from a tutor.
  • Flexible schedule. Open Monday through Friday.
  • Self-paced with progress milestones. Complete the course in a few weeks or up to two semesters if you need more time.
  • You can add after the normal add deadline until add codes run out.
  • Many resources to fit your learning style: textbook, workshops, tutors, videos, step-by-step examples.
  • Self-learning course requires more discipline.
  • You must meet the on-campus attendance requirements.
  • Patience required for access to shared resources. 

Online Structured self-learning Courses REFRESHER - MATH 15A, 15B, 15C, 15e and 15F

Situation Pros Cons
  • I want the flexibility of working online 24/7.
  • I need to progress more slowly.
  • I need to progress more quickly.
  • The add deadline has passed, or the other courses are closed.
  • I have good time-management skills, and am a good self-learner.
  • I have reliable internet access.
  • Commuting to campus is difficult.
  • I work better at home.
  • 24/7 access fits any schedule.
  • Self-paced within the 14 week timeframe of the course.
  • You can add almost anytime during the semester.
  • Excellent learning system customized to your individual needs.  
  • Access to Math Center resources.
  • You can access the class from anywhere online.
  • Self-paced course requires self-discipline.
  • You must meet the online attendance requirement.
  • Space is limited. You must register early.