On-Campus Structured Self-learning

On-campus structured Self-learning Courses - Math 38, 46, 96

The Math Center offers courses that are semi self-paced, and computer-based, with an extended time frame and an independent-learning mode. Students taking these courses have some flexibility in planning their on-campus attendance around their personal schedule, but must attend a minimum number of hours on campus on a weekly basis to maintain good attendance standing. Students must also stay on track in the course work to maintain good progress standing throughout the course. While in the Math Center, students are able to progress in their course with the aid of online learning resources, periodic small-group review sessions, and on-the-fly support from out Math Center tutors and guest professors. The current on-campus Math Center course offerings are as follows:

CourseCRN Semester
Math 3890203Spring 2015
Math 4690229Spring 2015
Math 9642342Spring 2015

This section provides key information about the on-campus courses. Click on each of the links below:

Attendance RequirementProgress RequirementMaterials
Impact on Financial AidVeteransDSPS Accommodations
Technology Requirement

Attendance & Withdrawal

All Math Center students must meet the required number of Math Center attendance hours. The minimum weekly on-campus attendance requirement during the Spring and Fall semesters is:
Math 38 required on-campus attendance is 4 hours weekly.
Math 46 & 96 required on-campus attendance is 5 hours weekly.
Please note that your CSID is required during every visit to the Math Center.  NO students may enter the Math Center with out a CSID!

Progress Requirement

Progress in the Math Center courses is defined by the satisfaction of Checkpoints by their respective deadlines. The checkpoint deadlines are listed in your Student Binder Packet and posted in the Math Center.


All Math Center students are required to purchase:
1 – A Student Binder Packet and
2 – one of the MyMathLab bundle options.

Purchase of one of the specified bundles is required to take a class in the Math Center.
  • Full Textbook Bundle, ISBN 13: 978-1-269374-87-7, from the City College bookstore. This bundle includes the textbook and MyMathLab access code.
  • MyMathLab Standalone Access Code: ISBN 13: 978-1-269360-15-X, from the City College bookstore.
  • As an alternative, you can purchase the MyMathLab access code online directly from the publisher's website: http://pearsonmylabandmastering.com, and you may be able to purchase it online from other sources for less.
Note: Option 2 and 3 do not include the printed textbook. These options will work for students who already have the textbook or are comfortable using the online textbook rather than a physical book. If you forgo the purchase of the textbook, you'll need to print your own study materials, and bring them to class for times when the MyMathLab Website is down.

When purchasing required materials, keep in mind that you will be required to continue your learning progress, even if a computer is not available, using the textbook pages or other materials that you bring to class.


Impact on Financial Aid

Math Center class units are only credited toward the semester in which you receive your add code. Therefore if you don’t finish in one semester, and you end up taking a full load (12 units) the next semester to maintain your benefits, you will have more than a full load of work until you complete the Math Center class. Make sure to add this class before the financial aid add deadline so it counts toward your course load. Check with the financial aid office to verify the deadline.


Math Center classes are Non-Benefit for veteran. Veterans are welcome to take Math Center classes, however they will need to pay for the class out of their own pocket. See the Veterans Affairs Office before you enroll.

DSPS Accommodations

If you receive services from the Disabled Students Services (DSPS) office and need special assistance, have DSPS forward the verification form to the Math Center. Discuss your needs with the Supervisor of the Math Center, so that appropriate accommodations can be made for you.

Technology Requirement

Since much of the learning materials are delivered online, it is strongly suggested that you maintain a functional computer and obtain reliable online access. Relying solely on access to Math Center computers will not likely meet your needs.