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Online Refresher Courses Math - 15A, 15B, 15C, 15E, &15F

Math 15 refresher courses are ideally suited for students who have not taken math for a long time and want to refresh their skills. Math 15 courses offer students a one-unit, pass/no-pass way to refresh their math skills without the commitment, cost, and academic risk of a full math course. In addition, they can also be used to remove a block from re-taking a course or to waive a course prerequisite. Math 15 courses are open-entry, open-exit, and customized for self-learning. The learning is delivered fully online, however, students are encouraged to access the course in the Math Center, where tutors are available. Math 15 courses have no prerequisite, can be taken simultaneously with other math classes, and can be re-taken several times.


CRN Start Date  AddRefund Drop w/o W Withd-
Pass/No Pass End Date
Math 15A
 Math 15A
Math 15B
Math 15B801838/25/149/11/14 9/2/14 9/11/14 10/21/14
9/23/14 12/6/14
Math 15C
8/25/14 9/11/14 9/2/14 9/11/14 10/21/14 9/23/14 12/6/14
Math 15C67148
9/11/14 9/2/14
Math 15E
9/11/14 9/2/14 9/11/14 10/21/14 9/23/14 12/6/14
Math 15F
9/11/14 9/2/14 9/11/14 10/21/14 9/23/14 12/6/14

This section outlines aspects of an online refresher course and provides detailed information of what’s required to succeed. Click on the links below to access any area for more information.

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Aleks Learning System

Math 15 courses are completely online and all instruction takes place online in the service offered by the Aleks website ( There is no book to buy and access codes are as little as$30 , depending on the duration of the license. The online math software is highly sophisticated, adapting to individual student strengths and weaknesses through an initial assessment. Then you are given topics that are within your capability to learn. As you progress, you will be reassessed periodically to confirm that you master the new topics. Mastered topics are added to your knowledge space. When you master 90% or more of the course topics, you earn a pass grade.

Even though the learning is online, you are welcome to use the on-campus tutoring services in the Math Center (L-208) as well as use the Math Center computers to access your course.



Aleks Assessments

You will be assessed at periodic intervals as you work through the review material. If you want to force an assessment, ask your instructor. Your instructor will monitor your progress on a regular basis. If you fail to access the ALEKS at least every other day, you may find that you are assessed at a lower level than your previous log in. Without regular reinforcement, retention of math learning tends to fade quickly. ALEKS continues to reassess your knowledge and ensures that any material you have forgotten is relearned.

Final Exam

There is no final exam required for a math 15 course; however, if you need to take a final exam because you are challenging a prerequisite, you can purchase a sample final from the Bookstore for a nominal fee. Make arrangements with your instructor to take the final on campus anytime after you have demonstrated mastery of the material on the ALEKS program. Practice taking the sample final without the use of notes or calculators. Notes and calculators will not be allowed during the proctored final exam. Students who wish to take the final exam must make arrangements with the your instructor after completing at least 90% of the objectives. This includes at least 90% of both the algebra and geometry Aleks courses in the case of Math 15B and 15C.


Attendance & Withdrawal

The ALEKS program will monitor your time online and you are expected to spend a minimum of 16 hours (total for the course) using the ALEKS program. Of course, if you are taking a Math 15 course for more than just a refresher, that is, to waive a prerequisite or to unblock a repetition violation, then you will need to treat it like a full course and spend enough time on task to accomplish your goal. It is the student's responsibility to add, withdraw from, or drop this course before the deadlines. Petitions to add, drop, or withdraw after the deadline will not be approved without proof of circumstances beyond the student's control that made him/her unable to meet the deadline. Lack of money to pay fees is not considered an extenuating circumstance. Students anticipating difficulty in paying fees before the add deadline should check with the Financial Aid Office about sources of funds or other alternatives for which they may be eligible. Keep in mind that the Math 15 courses are graded pass/no passt. So, if you do not withdraw from the course, the lowest grade you can receive is a no pass, which will not affect your grade point average.


Challenging a Prerequisite

A student may challenge a pre-requisite by finishing 90% of the course goal material and passing a Math Center final exam with a grade of 70% or higher. For Math 15B and Math 15C, students must also pass both the Algebra and Geometry components of the courses with 90% in order to challenge a prerequisite. However, students should be aware that the higher-level Math 15 courses (B, C, and E) are very challenging. Although they are listed as one-unit classes, students should expect to spend time equivalent to a 5-unit class in order to complete finish the course.


Courses Offered

  • Math 15A - Pre-Algebra, material equivalent to Math 38
  • Math 15B - Elementary Algebra and Geometry, material equivalent to Math 46
  • Math 15C - Intermediate Algebra and Geometry, material equivalent to Math 96
  • Math 15E - Trigonometry, material equivalent to Math 104.
  • Math 15F - College Algebra, material equivalent to Math 116


Financial Aid

Students receiving financial aid may get reimbursed for the cost of the access code if they buy it at the City College bookstore instead of online. Students should contact the Financial Aid office for details.


Grading Procedures

Math 15 courses are offered pass/ no pass only. A grade of pass is given for completing at least 90% of goal objectives (not prerequisite objectives) in the algebra portion of the course and at least 90% of the geometry objectives for Math 15B and 15C. No final exam is necessary to receive a pass grade.



There is no separate homework in Aleks. It is all one integrated learning system. However, there are opportunities in Aleks to spend time practicing problem solving. The more time you spend in practice, the more the problem solving techniques will be encoded into your long term memory and the easier it will be to recall the material on a final exam or in the next math class.


How to Approach a Self-Paced course

Although the online self-paced refresher courses offer marvelous flexibility in access, scheduling and pacing, many well-intentioned students find that they are not prepared for the demands of these formats. Success in an online self-paced refresher course requires strong doses of the following personal characteristics:


You must be highly motivated and able to learn on your own to succeed in this course. Otherwise, you may find yourself attending less and not accomplishing your math goals.


It takes a lot of self-discipline to log in regularly when you are given so much flexibility. It is easy to forget about an online course. It takes a disciplined student to set up a regular schedule and stick to that schedule.

Good Time-Management Skills

It requires a great deal of time-management skill for most students to find consistent time each week in their busy schedules for studying math. You may have to give up or cut back on some social or recreational activities, hire a baby-sitter, get help from your friends and family, or simply be more tenacious about setting a schedule and sticking to it. If you are determined to finish this course in one semester, you need to find a way to make it happen.

Good Reading Skills

A self-paced course puts a heavy demand on your reading and comprehension skills. A large portion of your learning will come from reading the learning activities, working practice problems, and taking assessments online.

Solid Internet connection and functional computer

Online students are also required to maintain a functional computer and obtain reliable online access. Self-paced online courses are not for everyone. If any of these skills are not already part of your personal strengths, then you should consider taking the course in a lecture format or coming back when you are better prepared. On the other hand, if you do have these skills and you are ready for a challenge, then read on.


How to Enroll in an Online Refresher Math 15A, B, C, E, & F course

Click here to see Registration process for Online Math 15 courses.


Learning Resources

The online learning environment is highly sophisticated, adapting to individual student strengths and weaknesses. New topics are presented only after the student masters the prerequisite topics. In addition, a student is free to use the resources available in the Math Center, including one-on-one tutoring and computers to access the Math 15 online material.


Mastery Learning

The Aleks learning system promotes mastery learning by continual reassessment to ensure that newly learned topics are fully mastered.



Math 15 classes are open-entry and can be added well into the semester. Check the schedule above for the Add Deadline. Since it is an online class, there is no limit to the number of students these classes can accept. Once the course begins, an add code is required to add the class. Contact the instructor of the Math 15 course that you wish to add for an add code.



There are no prerequisites for Math 15 courses. You may take them in conjunction with other classes and you may retake a course several times if necessary.


Refund Policy for Aleks Access Code

The bookstore will give a refund during the first 2 weeks of the semester. After the first 2 weeks of the semester, the student has 2 days to return the access code. In both cases, the shrink wrap must not be broken and the student must have the original receipt. If the access code was purchased through the ALEKS website, contact McGraw Hill at 1-877-833-5524.


Refund Policy for Registration Fee

The deadline to drop and be eligible for refund of enrollment fees and/or nonresident tuition is available in the schedule at the top of this Web page and for each course in the online district class schedule (click the Details icon).


Repetition Violations

A student may remove a repetition violation by finishing 90% of the course goal material of the appropriate math 15 course. No final exam is required. Math 15 courses are ideal for students facing repetition violations and are blocked from re-taking a needed math course. These students are required to take the course preceding the course from which they are blocked. Instead of taking a full course, students can take the corresponding Math 15 course. Students blocked from taking Math 95 should take Math 15A, those blocked from taking Math 96 should take Math 15B. Since there are no repetition restrictions on Math 15 courses, students can overcome repetition blocks without the threat of further punitive action.


Required Course Materials

Math 15 courses are completely online and all instruction takes place online in the service offered by the Aleks website ( There is no book to buy and access codes are as little as$30, depending on the duration of the license. When purchased from the bookstore the cost for 7.68 weeks is $31.75, 14 weeks is $50.00 When purchased from the McGraw-Hill Website the cost for 7.68 weeks is $30.00, 14 weeks is $45.00, 23 weeks is $63.00, 51.2 weeks is $89.00 See {Registration} for more information



Since Math 15 courses are pass/ no pass, If you are unable to complete a course, it will not detrimentally affect your academic record. If your only concern is to refresh your knowledge, then the pace and extent of the learning depends only on the amount of material you want to learn. As a refresher course, there is no requirement as to the amount of material you must cover and there is no online attendance requirement. Whether your goal is to waive a prerequisite or just refresh your knowledge, you can re-enroll several times and finish the class at your leisure. Your instructor can transfer your Aleks account from one semester to the next, so that you don't have to start from scratch. A student wishing to continue after semester's end will need to enroll again in the course for the new semester and request their information to be transferred into the new course.



The online syllabus contains the 10-character course code for your individual course. This course code is required to purchase the access code for your course.



Trained tutors are available throughout the day in the Math Center (L-208). The tutors are there to help you, but it is up to you to contact them if you are having difficulty. Sometimes, you'll find that a few words from a tutor can help clear up problems that might take hours to sort out on your own. If you feel that you need help, just bring your CSID card to the Math Center. Online tutoring is available as well. You obtain online tutoring by signing up for a Math 44 course. It is free, zero units, and no add code is required. Locate the Math 44 CRN 85884 on the Programs page of this Website. Use Reg-e to sign up. Once you register, you will be automatically added to the Math 44 online course in Blackboard Vista, the college districts online course management system. In this online course, you will be able to participate in a math discussion board, email tutors, and set up one-on-one online chats with tutors.



The Veterans Administration will not pay for this self-paced course due to the extended time frame. You are still welcome to take this course, but you'll have to pay for it yourself.


Who can benefit from Online Self-Paced Courses?

Students who would normally have to drop because of schedule problems. Students who cannot enter a lecture or other online course. Students who want more time to absorb the material. Students who want to finish quickly. Students who do not do well in a lecture format. Students who are very self-disciplined and can keep their own schedule. Students with reliable Internet access Students who can learn through an online class. Students who find it difficult to come to campus. Students who have to study around a busy work schedule.