Whether you are interested in a Math Center course or on-campus tutoring, you'll need to enroll in a Math 44 attendance tracking course. It is an automatically process that happens when the Math Center staff swipe your ID Card. The Math 44 class will show up on your Reg-e.

1. Register for Math 44, CRN 47713

You will need to register for Math 44 to obtain tutoring. Math 44 is a tutorial class, it is zero units, and does not cost anything. This class is used to track the hours a student spends in the Math Center while going through the process of getting their add-code or receiving tutoring services.  To register, Bring your student ID card (CSID) to the Math Center to receive walk-in tutoring during hours of operation (see Center Hours). Your CSID is required at all times to use the Math Center. If you have a tutoring referral code from your math instructor, bring that as well.